I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fitness 22, Trump's Bumps.

Well, it's Tuesday and it's a shitty day so it doesn't bother me that I have to work: skies are overcast, drizzles abound, and the temperature's not going to hit 60 (F).
My business cards arrived yesterday - they're very nice.  I will have to take a picture of one and show you.  Interestingly enough, even though I was off for most of last week, my sales figures put me at number 2 in the district.  Everyone's jumping around shouting 'yippie skippy,' me?  There's pressure on people who have good sales.  I don't want the pressure, it's why I stepped down out of management, so I'll probably let them slide a bit.  That's fine.
I purchased an app for my phone, Fitness 22, actually, it's a subscription that lets you create your own workouts from about 2000 different routines.  I paid for the whole year but will probably cancel in a month or two so it doesn't automatically renew.  So far so good.  This AM it was free weights, some ab work and planks.... I don't usually do planks, so I skipped that one.  Tomorrow I'm running, or jogging, or maybe just walking super duper fast.
When I scanned the news this AM it seemed as though the Idiot in the White House was being abnormally quiet.  Billionaire Mnuchin's supposed to release some sort of info on his new Tax plan tomorrow which is probably going to be some sort of smoke screen.  You see, if people are talking about that, they may take their focus off the fact that the country's going to run out of money on Friday... and that the wall is probably going to be put on the back burner where it will quietly be forgotten - another campaign pledge failure.

So, which workout am I doing?

Time to head off to work.  I get to work tomorrow and then I'm off for 2 days again.  I wonder how much carpet I'll sell this week.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Water Barrier

Okay, so I got on the scale this morning and the damage wasn't as bad as I was expecting, a gain of 2.9 pounds.  To off set that I jumped on the eliptical and burned off 364 calories.  It's all give and take, you see.  There's a price for everything.
Big Seig is out barking at Mrs. Puff's granddaughter, who's busy putting garbage out on the curb.  He'd be much quieter if she'd just walk over and pet him on the head.  That never happens though.
I also get to back to work today as well.  For 3 days, and then I'm off again for 2.  I have a fixed shift, now if only I could get a fixed schedule, well, that would be ducky.
This week will, I suspect, be tumultuous for the Idiot in the White House.  The problem with Conservatives is that he will have no problem if the country runs out of money.  How do I know this?  Four bankruptcies, at least I think that's how many he's filed.  If they don't give him what he wants, he'll just let the country go broke for a day or two.  He has even planned a weekend getaway to Harrisburg, which is way too close to me, as the crow flies, about 2.3 miles.  Luckily he'll be on the East Shore and a very wide Susquehanna River will create a water barrier.  There will be protests, of course, and if things don't go too well for him this week, I suppose they will more raucous than ever.

I actually live in the upper left hand corner, on a very high hill and the Idiot will be on the right hand side, near those white buildings.
My only worry is that those Crazy Conservatives will cave and give him what he wants.  Of course, that will make them look bad to their constituents, and would, pretty much, represent the defining moment of failure for their party.  Just imagine, American taxpayers saddled with paying for a fence only a bunch of racists want, and a health care package that everybody knows is bad.  Because it's not about what's good for America, it's all about the Idiot getting his way.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Growing a Beard

Okay, so this is the last of my 5 days off and so far it's the nicest weather wise.  I actually got some yard work completed, mowed the grass (with a rotary push mower), used the weed wacker to wack some weeds.  Earlier I took the dogs to the park - we did the 'nature' hike today and they loved it.
Did I go to the gym?  Nope.  Did I get on the scale?  Nope.  Because the weather has been so bad, today is my 'catch up' day.
Yesterday I went down to York and took my friend Betsy out to eat and to a movie for her birthday.  I'd been pushing for Kong Island, but the times did work, so we ended up seeing.... "Beauty and the Beast."  She has a unique perspective in that she's never seen the animated film... ever.  As she says "back then I didn't go to movies, I had too much other shit going on in my life."  To say she loved it would be an understatement.. except for Emma Watson.  As Betsy put it "she was much better in the Harry Potter films."  Seeing it a 2nd time, I spent much less time comparing the live action to the animated version.  The relationship between Gaston and Le Fou seemed much less... platonic this time through.  And even though the audience laughed in the end when Belle tells the Prince he "may have to grow a beard," I thought to myself, my, there's so many implications is that one little sentence.

And for those of you who don't know, the Idiot in the White House is coming to Harrisburg this coming Saturday.  That's the same night as the correspondents dinner, which he doesn't want to attend.  It will, I suspect, be one of those hate filled pep rallies just like the ones he had leading up to the election.  Because it's looking as though this is going to be a bad week for him, it wouldn't surprised me if he amped up the hatred.  He's going to need make sure his Trumplodite hoards ignore his mounting failures, and his historically low poll numbers.  Of course, if things go horrendously bad for him this week, people are going to wonder why he focused on a rally rather try and do his job.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tomatoes and Trumps buffoonery

So, I planted my first tomato plant yesterday.  I can plant tomatoes in the yard, the dogs leave them alone.  Green Peppers are another story.  They like Green Peppers.  Last year they at those I had planted, even the jalapeno.  If I plant peppers this year, they will have to be outside of the fence where they'll be safe from the dogs, but lunch for the bunnies.

Politically speaking, I suspect the approaching week is going to be a hoot in hell.  The Idiot says he now believes getting anything accomplished in his first 100 days proves (except how much he's failing) nothing.  But then the repeal of Obamacare gets floated again, so it can once again fail.  And then the country is going to run out of money on Friday.  That's right.  Oh, and he's going to be releasing a new tax plan that's going to  be 'huge, really, really huge,' in which individuals and corporations will benefit.  Of course, the individuals who are going to benefit are going to be those in the Betsy DeVos, Steve Mnuchin tax bracket because they deserve to get a tax break.  Right.  Trickle down economics, you know? 
His supporters need to start learning that every time he says 'really, really huge' they're going to get nothing, that he's going to fail.  Let's be honest here.  America is Great, as long as the Republicans aren't in charge.  Their inability to govern is.. well, pathetic to say the least.  In the Idiot's first 100 days it's amounted to nothing more than Executive Orders, which the next Democratic President will over turn faster than the Idiot's mind flip-flops from one lie to another.  Speaking of failure, if you scan the crazy conservative websites you'll see they are already starting to call the Idiot ineffective, of course, what were they expecting?  They put a buffoon in the White House.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Lily had a tick

I discovered it last night as it prepared to chow down on the skin between her shoulders.  Now, I know there are people out there who go into screaming Mimis at the sight of one l - not me.  All I did was reach for the Front Line.  Normally I don't dose my dogs through out the winter; we get cold here in Central PA which is not a good thing for ticks or fleas.  From now until October they'll be getting their monthly treatments.
And I guess, from what I've been reading, their are storm clouds looming over the Idiot in the White House...  Hell, when aren't they looming.  His first 100 days have been marred by a constant stream of stupidity, the likes of which, had they been committed by a Democratic President, would have stroked out 3/4 of the Republicans electorate. (Keep that in mind, next Democratic President).  Any way, I'm talking about the encroaching budgetary battles between the Republicans and the... Republicans,  I'm sure that every now and then a Democrat will flash a bit of leg and say "you want some of this?  It's gonna cost you buddy."  Let's be honest here, a Government Shutdown is just one more example of how Republicans just don't know how to govern.

And I saw something that was supposed to be sad on Facebook regarding Aron Hernandez and his daughter, and how after all the jokes and snide remarks were said and done, she still lost her father.  I do feel sorry for her but in the end, when all is said and done, her father was a murderer who thought only of himself to the very end.
And finally, I haven't been to the gym at all during my vacation... I haven't lifted a weight, or took a 35 minute ride on my elliptical.   That's going to change on Sunday AM.  So, if you hear a loud wailing around 0530, it means I finally got back on the scale. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Vacation review, so far

Today is the 2nd day of my vacation, at least that's what it's called, you know?  Those days off when you get paid from the hours you've earned the previous year.  I'm not planning on doing too many vactiony things.  Yesterday I went to see my Mom, primed and began painting some interior kitchen shutters, had a couple glasses of wine and watched "Rear Window" on my big TV.
The weather is supposed to be nicer today, warmer with more sunshine.  I'm planning on taking the dogs to the park (they love the park) and then working outside, wacking weeds and cutting up branches.  And tomorrow I'm getting my car inspected first thing in the morning!  Yippie Skippy!  And then it's on to more yard work.  This morning I realized I should have taken more days off.  Ah well, it's too late now.
Just in case nobody mentioned it, Bill O'Reilly got fired.  That's right, after years and years of harassing women he became more expensive then his ratings were worth.  I almost started laughing hysterically, you know?  Of course he'll make out like a bandit financially.  We  can only hope that this is just the beginning of his bad karma.
And down in Georgia, Jon Ossoff missed avoiding a run-off by 2% which is actually quite good.  The GOP jumped up and down, clapping themselves on their crooked, little backs with glee.  They are such dunderheads.  This does not bode well for them in the June election because people hate their interloper president.  And so, so much can go wrong, and most likely will go wrong for them until then.

Everything the Idiot in the White House does to try and improve his ratings fails:  59 Tomahawks in Syria and then nothing, the Mother of All Bombs only takes out 94 in Afghanistan, he brags about sending an "armada" to the North Korean peninsula which actually sales south away from where he said it was going... oh, and he blamed the US Navy for that one.
And one last chortley tidbit:  evidently some reporter asked Jon Ossoff when he was gong to marry his girlfriend because he's 30, and there is that small minded group of people out there who believe that if you're not married there's something wrong with you, oh, and it has to be a heterosexual marriage, other wise there's something wrong with you, and.... you know?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Georgia Votes

So, there's a special election today down in Georgia and even the Idiot in the White House is paying attention.  You see, the Idiot is not that popular (most Idiots aren't) and this election looks like it might be close.  And the GOP isn't happy.  If the Democratic candidate Ossoff gets 40% it'll go into a run off election - something they don't want.  You see, the Idiot's approval rating is low now, what happens if it drops even farther by the time the runoff election rolls around... and we all know it's not going to be improving any time soon.  You see there's a thing called the budget they're going to have work on, and the bad vibes coming from that showdown are already rumbling through the ground beneath their feet. And, if they happen to receive a drubbing today?  Well, that would rub their stinky little noses into their own agenda, not that they would learn any lessons.  Idiots rarely learn anything, that's why they are now, and will always be, Idiots.

And losing this special election wouldn't really do anything to stop the Idiot.  He and his party are like lemmings rushing headlong towards their fatal agenda.  There's nothing they can do to stop themselves.  In fact, it might speed them on their journey.  The more that run over this political cliff, the better it will be for America.