I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Dig This

So, yesterday I go down to the Service Desk to check on returns and I see this, a shovel in a cart.  A shovel that some moron returned.

Look closely.  You'll see that it's broken into 2 pieces.  If you look very closely you'll see that this shovel has been heavily used, and... some scumbag customer returned it to our store.  They did have a receipt, mind you, from a shovel which had been purchased 2 days ago.  I suspect that might be when this shovel was broken.  Anyway, yesterday this scumbag, using that receipt, returned the broken shovel.  And some dumbshit at our Service Desk processed the return.  Oh, and in case you are wondering, this scumbag customer didn't do an 'even exchange' they wanted their money back.  The fact that there are people who are reprehensibly dishonest bothers me, but that fact that some nimrod at the Service Desk didn't just out and out refuse... well, let's be honest, that person should not be working for us.  That clerk gave someone a free shovel.
Since I'm no longer in a position of authority, all I can do is piss and moan here.  Were I able to, the clerk who did this would be documented for their sheer stupidity.  People don't seem to understand that when you do returns like this you set a very bad precedent.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Uninvited

So here it is, Sunday, my 4th day out of the 6 I will work until I get my next 2 days off.  Yesterday I hit my sales goal and my measure goal so today everything else I get is gravy.
I've been spending more and more time on my old bike which is mounted on the Kinetic trainer I bought.  The trainer uses Bluetooth and works well with my  S8, not so well with my tablet, which is what I want to use so I've been in contact with Kinetic.  They seem to think there might be issues with the resistance unit.  If they send me a new one, that will be fine.
I am ready for fall to kick in.  Tomorrow we might break a heat record for 9/25 and I still have the  Central Air turned on.  While I don't mind summer, I want the seasons to change.  I want the leaves on the trees to turn yellow and orange and crispy, crackling under your feet when you walk on them.  If I wanted year round heat, I'd move to hurricane or earthquake land.
And what about the Idiot Jerk's tirades about professional athletes who don't want to kiss his racist ass?  Freedom of speech.  But then you know he never has been to crackerjack smart about the Constitution, or what that treasured document allows.  What a hoot that he disinvited Steve Curry to visit the White House.  What an even bigger hoot that the Golden State Warriors then told him to basically to eat shit.  They have become.... The Uninvited.

Evidently the North Carolina Tar Heels aren't going either... they put out some sort of gibberish about 'not being able coordinate dates.'  This, of course, doesn't mean that they have been Uninvited, just that they've chosen to put some distance between themselves and the Idiot Jerk, which pretty much takes away his ability to Uninvite them.  And LeBron James said that "going to the White House used to be an honor," until the Idiot Jerk showed up.
All of this must be ripping the Idiot Jerk a new asshole because his Ego requires he surround himself with fawning sycophants and Sports Stars, and when those athletes spurn him... well, that's how you get Uninvited.  And life grand!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A little about me

Here's a little about me for those who might be interested.
I'm going to be 65 on November 8 and I am pretty much a Scorpio.
Forty Seven years ago, when it was vastly unpopular, I volunteered.  I joined the Navy, and went to Vietnam... well, the Tonkin Gulf to be more precise.  The countryside was quite clear from the flight deck (I was on an aircraft carrier).  Because of that, I get decent VA medical insurance, being in a war zone, you know?  The only ones who get better insurance are those who retired after 20 years and those who were disabled.  Not bad, eh?
In face, it turns out I've volunteered for a lot of things, doing my Civic duty, you know?  For about 12 years I was a trainer for the Red Cross:  CPR, Basic Life Support.  It was fun.
I also volunteered for what was called "the gay switchboard," which turned out to be very, very boring.  Not a lot of calls back then, mostly from business men in town for a meeting who wanted to know where the bars were.
The Central PA Pride Festival?  I was part of it.  Starting off as a working, I did PR for a couple of years and finally co-chairing the thing with a woman named Tina.  This is me in 1998 wearing my cute little Pride T-Shirt.

I had a lot of fun... but it also cured me forever of my volunteerism.
A lot of people will volunteer just to say they're part of an organization, which means their reliability is questionable.  Four of us carried the weight on our shoulders, did the grunt work, on a regular basis because of 'no-shows.'  Three weeks after the festival my friend Matt resigned, and two weeks later I handed in my resignation as well.  And I haven't looked back.  They were good years, and for the most part, a lot of fun, but the time had come to step back.
While I've been in a few relationships, none were momentous enough to create moments of nostalgia when I think back.  I am much better by myself than I am trying to fit my life around someone else's.  Blame it on the Scorpio thing.
And since I got the dogs I can honestly say I am happier now than I have ever been.  We are all different.  We are all the same.  And I... am me.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Stopping Traffic

My legs hurt like hell.  It's that damn trainer working too well.  I was working my vastus intermedius really hard... well, for about 6 minutes at least.  That's all it took.  I had such a burn going on.  So, I turned off the trainer.  And I got off the bike.  Tomorrow I will do a less extreme workout since I'm going to need to build up some strength in my legs.  Well, just one specific area of one muscle group.  A lot of people don't realize that your muscles are broken down into subgroups; each quadriceps has 4 different sections.  Walking relies on one section more than any other, running uses multiple sections, and cycling?  Upper thighs mostly.  If you ever look at the legs of a cyclist you'll see they have teeny weeny calves and big thighs.  Now I have to train my upper thighs in order for them to roar like thunder when I ride.
And what about the Idiot Jerk in the White House and his pissing match with the Idiot Jerk in North Korea?  Am I the only one who sees them acting like petulant 12 year olds?  Don't worry, they'll start taunting each other's mothers any second now.  Of course, this is why the Idiot Jerk is... well, the Idiot Jerk.
Also, Melanoma gave some sort of speech.. yesterday, I think.  I don't remember exactly because I was blinded by that neon pink road crew dress she was wearing.  Do you know what I mean?  You do have to give her credit for trying to bring a stylish new wardrobe to Flagger Force.  Gee, they would no longer need to stop traffic with a sign, just stand their with their arms out.

For decades First Ladies set styles, created trends... until now.  All this one seems to be trying to do is  stop traffic.  To be perfectly honest, I think it's inflatable and the Idiot Jerk just pumped in too much hot air.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

No Dead cats in the Freezer

A long time ago, about 14 years to get you into the ballpark, my Dad died of lung cancer.  My sister, my brother and I urged my Mom to get a pet so she wouldn't be alone.  Three weeks after my Dad's memorial service, Kitty moved into my Mom's house.  Kitty came from the Humane Society, an adult female of unknown age.  My Mom lavished her with treats, and she got very, very fat.  When my Mom's health deteriorated and she moved into Greenfield, Kitty moved in with my nephew and his wife.  They put Kitty on a diet and she lost weight, she also went blind and had problems locating the liter box.  My brother asked for opinions and we all said we thought she should be put down.  Instead he moved her into an empty bedroom in his house.  He covered the floor with a large, blue tarp because she could only use the liter  box if you picked her up and put her in it, and she lived there for two years.  A few months ago he moved her down to his first floor where she had much more space to pee on the floor.  He tried to get rid of Kitty... and no one wanted an old, blind cat that peed and pooed on the floor.  Every one had the same response, put her down.  He didn't.
On Saturday, he and his wife, and two of his children, with their spouses, left for vacation in North Carolina.  Tuesday he sent me a text:  the neighbor taking care of Kitty called to tell him the cat was doing poorly, would I go over and check her out.  I did.  I texted him back that yes, Kitty was in bad shape.  And his response was "Can you take her to the Vet and have her put down."  My response was the he needed to call the Vet and make the arrangements.  He didn't like that.  He was on vacation.  He said I could call them and have them go to the house to put her down.  Me?  I texted him the Vet's phone number.  He didn't care for that, either.  So, I said that I thought we should, perhaps, let nature run it's course, and that I would stop over on Wednesday to check on the cat.  I told them that if the cat had died, I would wrap it up in a plastic bag and put it in their freezer until they got home.
Holy Shit!! NO DEAD CATS IN THE FREEZER!!  NO DEAD CATS IN THE FREEZER!!  This was a group text and his wife pretty much exploded.  All that bacteria!  All of those germs!!  NO DEAD CATS IN THE FREEZER!!  They couldn't believe I would even consider such a thing, so I told them:  My cat Max died when he was 21 years old.  He died while I was at work.  And it was January, the ground was frozen, so I wrapped him up in a towel, and put him in a garbage bag, which was wrapped up and tied securely, and put him in my freezer.  He had a shelf to himself.
I said something to my friend Patty, and it turns out she did the same thing: put her dead pet in the freezer until she could get the body to the Vet.
As it turned out, the neighbor who was taking care of Kitty went over Wednesday morning and the poor thing had died.  The neighbor's father took the cat out behind my brother's house and buried it.  My brother, who didn't want to deal with the fact that Kitty needed to be put down, and left her suffer, in the end, didn't have to deal with her demise either.  I sent him a text telling him he needed to bring something very, very nice back for his neighbor.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The fitting / edging Trump supporters

The bike fitting went well yesterday.  They use software that incorporates a Kinect and lasers to fine tune the most comfortable position for you on a bike.  You stand perfectly still for about 30 seconds while the lasers measure you:  height, leg length, arm length.  My shoulders are wide and that will effect how I sit on a bike.  My legs are short, but not as short as you would think when it comes to riding a bike.  They they start out with a simple piece of equipment and add a saddle (seat), handlebars, and pedals, and then you climb on-board and the fun starts.  While you are peddling they will move the seat up and down, forward and back, by millimeter increments (yes, it's metric).  The same thing happens with the handlebars.  And everything is angled, as well, so the front of the seat may go up or down in order to give you the best position.  As you pedal, they capture the distance your legs open.  My right leg opens wider than my left leg when I'm riding.  All of it was very interesting, and when they were done they sent me a PDF file which included the picture below, so this is actually a picture of a picture.

Notice my shapely legs, dainty ankles and all
And if anybody is wondering, I ordered the Cannondale Carbon Disc Ultegra, the red bike.
Oh, and I saw that the Idiot Jerk in the White House did speak at the UN yesterday... I even read some short excerpts, and believe me, they have to be short, otherwise the nausea overwhelms me and unless he's close enough to hit, well, that would be a waste of good puke.  Firstly, he evidently doesn't like 'rogue' nations and thinks they should be stopped, but not 'rogue' people since he had pizza with Sarah Palin  and didn't punch her out.  Secondly, from what I read, every single word was directed at his base, those supporters who voted for him.  You can bet they were all fervently listening and watching, as he edged them closer to ecstasy.  What a jerk.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The stuff of shadows

So, here it is... Tuesday, and my first day off after working 6 days.  Ain't it sweet?  Pretty much, so.  Around 10 I'm going to get measured for my new bike.  I did spend a bit of time on the trainer this AM since the hernia limits what I can do.  Cycling is okay. as long as I don't lean forward too much.  I can't wait until the damn thing is fixed.
Is the Idiot Jerk speaking at the UN today?  I think I read that somewhere.  Now that's embarrassing, especially since he and the rest of the GOP spent so much hate time criticizing it.  But then that's what they always do, attack what they can't control.
There was an interesting article in Bloomberg this AM about the Russkies and their hacking the election.  Sounds to me we should go back to paper ballots, that would show them, wouldn't it.  Counting ballots takes a lot longer, and politicians and political parties would loose that instant rush of gratification their winners get 5 seconds after the polls closed, but wouldn't that be better?  Let's be honest here, no matter what kind of safeguards our election software has, those damn Russkies are always going to try and hack it.  They're just like the GOP and the Evangelicals when it comes to control... and manipulation, and lies.
And I saw somewhere that Hillary is thinking of contesting the presidential election.  Not a good thing.  And evidently she and Bernie are having some sort of spitting match.  That too is not a good thing.  She needs to pull that stick of bitterness out of her ass and move to the sidelines.  Even though we all hate it, the Idiot Jerk won the electoral college.  Our number one priority right now must be to unite into one mighty group in order to move his shit stained ass out of the White House.  Both she and Bernie need to shut up.  They need to put on their wizened, sage robes and sit quietly giving advice when someone asks for it.  Their egos need to be taken off of the burner.  They need to put the country ahead of their own personal wants and desires.  They both lost.  They need to understand this.  America and the party must come first.  No matter how strongly they feel about certain subjects, they must both realize that now they are the stuff of shadows.