I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

History Lessons

Well, here it is, Saturday, and I'm pleased to report that some of the swelling has gone down... at least a little; I've been told to be patient.  I'm not a very patient person.  "Get it done, and get it done now," has always been my motto, and here I am, saddled with cells self-indulgent in their procrastination; taking their time.
So, one of the ways I'm whiling away the hours during my convalescence is by playing Assassin's Creed, Origins, which takes place during the reign of Cleopatra.  It looks great!  What the game helped me to realize is that when she was Pharaoh, the pyramids were already over 2500 years old, and they were sitting isolated in the desert, there were people all over the place.  We don't think about antiquities that way; we liked to think that they've been hidden away, buried by sands until we discovered them.  Wrong.  Oh, sure, some were, in fact they're still discovering artifacts today, but the big ones, people knew about them.  There were also lots of crocodiles.
This is odd because, almost paradoxically, those crazy christian billionaires of Holly Hobby are opening their own, special History of Christianity Museum today in Washington.  Some of their antiquities are... questionable, but that hasn't stopped the family from buying them up for years.  It may make money at first (P.T. Barnum was right) but eventually will end up being nothing more than a huge tax write-off.  I woke up around 0330 and knew this to be a fact, (I'm being serious here).  The failure of the 2 most popular monotheistic religions will be caused by their inability to grow, to change, to evolve.  They will only remain viable as long as they maintain a rigid control over a static environment, a path with no deviation, never moving forward, but only spiraling in upon itself will lead to their own failure and breakdown.  (Maybe I should start taking my pain drugs again).
Evolution happens - there's no stopping it.  You can not live in history, only observe it and learn from it.
Anyway, while I may be able to ride a bike on my trainer soon, I suspect my lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying will be severely limited for about 4 - 6 weeks.  I say this because I measured my incision.  It's 3 inches long.  And we know the surgeon cut through my abdominal muscles in order to sew in mesh, and then he had to sew them up, which means they've got to grow back together.  This is life.

You can see these babies from miles and miles away.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Mouse in the House

Well, here it is 3 days after my hernia repair and the surgical site looks... disgusting... there's nothing wrong, I was just expecting things to look... neater, not as bruised. My bits and pieces? My crank and nuts... what ever you want to call them?  All are hued with tints and tones of black and blue and look like I had a bad date with an octopus.  Anyway, these shades shall pass... eventually.  Just be thankful I'm not taking pictures.
I slept without meds last night, but did take a naproxin this AM because there is some ouchiness.
The dogs got a mouse this morning.  Yep, it's that winter mouse time of year, when I put out the traps and get a couple.  I always get them.  This one met his fate at the paws of either Big Seig or Lily.  I found him lying on the living room rug all mouthed up.  I don't know why, but dogs do seem to like running around with dead mice in their mouths.  He's out on the hill now, where he'll fertilize next year's weeds.
Yesterday the House of Representatives passed some sort of Tax overhaul thingy which isn't going to go anywhere, and of course they jumped around like teenage boys who'd just had their first orgasm.  And, of course, it's going to fail, and they are oblivious to the fact that this is going to happen.  At this point they are so out of touch with the American People, and they don't care.  They are desperately trying to prove that they can do at least one thing, even if it means proving they are failures.  Remember how they were going to write the ACA out of the books?  This is the same thing, and once again they're going to be doing it in a very public forum.  We're will need to endure about  3 weeks of blood and gore while the Republican carcasses slowly pile up.  The difference between them and the dead mouse I found this morning?  He will lead to growth, they will just stink to high heaven.
Oh, and bit of a blossom to their ever ripening bouquet.  The approval rating for the Idiot Jerk in the White House has reached a new low.  There are some funny comments here.  I like the one about it being Ground Hog Day again.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Baking with Biggie... and other things.

So, here it is, Thursday, and I get to take the bandage off of my surgical wound.  I slept without taking any of my meds, but took the Vicodin this AM because sitting down is a real bitch.  People think that stairs should be the problem, they're not, it's sitting down and then getting up - that's what hurts.  I'm also going to shave this AM - getting rid of that old, grizzled gray look. 
And I saw that Jeffey Sessions testified again yesterday, which is a very good thing.  The more he presents himself in public, the more he obviously lies and obfuscates the truth, the more people begin to realize he is an evil, little man.  He will never understand just how terrible he is because that would require him to question his own feelings of superiority - and he does believe himself to be quite superior.  Roy Moore is the same way, so special in his own eyes he fails to recognize his own contemptability.  America sees, however.  These people are so lost in their own failed belief systems they will never understand what is good and what is right.  They are total failures as human beings.
Oh, and the big Idiot Jerk in the White House is evidently supposed to meet with a lot of the little Idiot Jerks in the House to talk about their tax overhaul.  These people are so desperate to pass some form of legislation they stink worse than a two bit whore,  and what they're going to attempt to foist on Americans is being described as a dumpster fire.  Do they care?  Absolutely not!  They keep telling themselves they know what they're talking about, that their fiscal policies are great, in spite of the fact that they've always failed. 
Yesterday I also baked cookies, chocolate chip, from scratch... and I had help in the kitchen.  Big Seig.

What he really wanted to be was the official taster.  As you can tell from the picture, he's pretty much counter high, and he kept licking his chops every time I pulled a batch from the oven.  Did he get one?  Nah, chocolate's not good for dogs.  He did get treated to a couple of Gravy Bone dog biscuits as a reward for not standing up at the counter and eating them all in one fell swoop.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Crossing the line

Well, I survived yesterday, of course, there were never any doubts.  Instead of repairing the hernia orthoscopically, my Dr did the old slice and dice which means I now have a 3" incision.  The bandage won't come off until tomorrow morning so I haven't had the chance to look at it yet.  They did paint me with betadine from side to side so my important parts are now Home Depot proud.  They also gave me a Tap Block which wore off around 0630, that's when I took my first Vicodin - they gave me 40 of the little white suckers, so I now have a bit of buzz.  Translation:  if I go to Amazon, I'm going to buy a couple of thousand dollars of shit I don't need.  I also got to where a cute, little bracelet with my picture on it.

I saw they ripped Jeff Sessions a new ass yesterday... and he didn't like it one bit mostly because he lied... no... wait... he didn't like... he forgot until yesterday.  You have to remember that this fool is a Social Conservative, not only does he lie and then ask forgiveness from his deity, he will excuse his lies saying they were done for his deity, to show his love and devotion to his deity.  The truth is that Sessions hates everything that falls outside of the narrow vision he allows himself.
And what about Roy Moore's women issues?  Evidently there have been rumors for years.  He's another one of those Social Conservatives who thinks that he's special.  While he's judged people for years, he, himself, hates to be judged.  Can't you hear him saying "I will be judged by a Higher Authority than you?"  This is because, like a professional scam artist, he sees nothing wrong with his behavior.  I mean, with faith as strong as his how could he do anything wrong?  Shit head.
Another funny bit this AM was John Schnatter's sudden about face.  You know who I'm talking about - he owns Papa Johns and blamed kneeling football players for lackluster sales.  That was until the Alt-Right said "yippee skippy, he's our guy," at which point he realized that Neo-Nazis buy a lot less pizza than... oh, say, political Centrists, or Liberals, or... black people, and changed his tune.  Will it help?  I doubt it.  This is what happens when you buy a house on Dick Head Way.
Then I saw this on Bloomberg this morning:  how those great Middle-Class tax cuts are only going to be temporary.   Corporate tax cuts are going to be permanent, however, as will the tax cut that John Schnatter's going to be getting.  Oh and their hatred for the Affordable Care Act has surfaced again.  Now, isn't that amazing.  Once again the 'Do Nothing Party' is going to do... nothing, mostly because they're doing it for themselves, not for America, and most assuredly not for Americans.
Finally, I can't wait to get back to the gym.  I need to get back to the gym... soon.  You see, I just realized that this scar is going to be above my Speedo line.

I don't know if that's a line I want to cross.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cut this

Well, here it is.  The day of my surgery has finally arrived.  I need to be at the Lebanon VA Outpatient Surgical Unit at 0900, and by 1000 the scalpel should be at the ready.  They've slotted an hour and a half for the procedure - though it wouldn't surprise me if they're done a lot sooner.  Back when I had my consultation, my Dr had said he thought they'd operate in the afternoon - I prefer the earlier time.
And what's happening to me is so much nicer than what's happening to the GOP.  Bannon's calling on the Jews to rise up against the GOP establishment and Mitch McTurtle believes the women accusing Roy Moore... and another woman came forward today.  Watch out, they's be reaching for their clubs, and let's be honest, there's nothing wrong with a little Republican blood sport.  In the end, both sides will be bloody and beaten to an impotent pulp.
Oh, and the Idiot Jerk in the White House said something about making sure that the 'rich get a tax cut.'  Sorry,  they don't need a tax cut.  They're rich.  They sleep in clean sheets every night.  Someone else scrubs their toilets, and cooks their food, and most probably wipes their asses.  These are people who have an employee who helps them pick out their clothing and helps them get dressed in the morning, who most likely hand washes their delicate dainties.  These are people who have never washed a dish, or dusted, or vacuumed, and may be hard pressed to tell the difference between a broom and a mop.  They don't deserve a tax cut.  Yeah, that's the penalty for being rich, you have to pay more taxes than us poorer folk.  Tough Shit.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Personal and Political Surgery

Okay, so tomorrow (sometime) I'm going to have my Right Inguinal Hernia repaired.  Right now it looks something like this, though mine is on the right hand side:

Evidently they inflate air into the area between my abs and my fat layer and do something like this:

The only bad thing about the above photo is that the Inguinal Hernia looks a lot like female genitalia.  However, after some relatively minor, out patient surgery I will end up with a chest like this:

Well... maybe not quite like that.  Hopefully I will be able to start hitting the elliptical in about 2 weeks, and the gym a week or so after that.  I dropped off my old Cannondale X6 to have the bike shop fit it to me and cycling's a great way to burn off calories and put on leg muscle.
Anyway, I took a personal day today since I want to clean a little, there are going to be people coming in and out over the next 2 days.  They didn't like it but... this is how life is, you know?
I got a chuckle when I saw our failed Senator Pat Toomey jumped on board the Roy Moore hate bashing train.  For a self-serving Conservative like him, my money says the only reason he bought his ticket was because of his own career political ambition.  Toomey has always done what the GOP wants, and right now the Party wants Bannon and Bannon's boy Moore out of the arena.  They want him out soooooo baaaaad, they are willing to let a Democrat win that Senate seat.  Shall we talk about hatred here?  Shall we talk about open warfare?  About sacrificing a solid majority vote?  Ain't it great!!  They are about to operate on themselves, without anesthesia.  If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out, and make yourselves blinder than you are already.  Can I get a smile from everybody?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

When things fall down

Well, it's Sunday.  I get to work, of course, but then what else is new.  I'm supposed to work tomorrow, the day preceding my surgery, but I may take a personal day.  There are things that I need to get done, especially since I'm going to be laid up for a bit, like rake my front yard.  With all of the really cold nights we've been having, all of the leaves have fallen off of my ginkgo tree... and they did it in one fell swoop (they showered down like yellow rain).

And even though they are beautiful golden color, I purposefully did not want to used the words 'golden' and 'shower' in the same phrase.  Believe me, the last thing I'd ever want to see is the Idiot Jerk in the White House dancing around naked on my front lawn.
And since it's the Sabbath, I thought I'd note some about the White Evangelicals who have no idea how bad a year they're having.  The Associated Press has a really good article on this.  Unfortunately, most of it only deals with Roy Moore, and his self-centered faith.  To have a really good perspective, you need to flash back to all the bad judgement's they've made, like laying their hands on the Idiot Jerk in the White House (in fact there's a whole litany of bad turns they've mapped out with him).  There's also Joel Osteen's unspoken statement that Evangelical Greed is Good and that the only Good Evangelical is a Rich Evangelical.  And, of course, there is Roy Boy who's judged himself to be superior.  For some time they've prayed for a reckoning, however the one on their doorstep is not the Reckoning they wanted, this is their price for their self-deception.  Sadly, they believe that the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to help them rise up and dominate, rather, he seems to be leading them towards a fall.