I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Shut... Up

So, I see that Jeffy (the Keebler Elf) has finally sold his soul to the Idiot Jerk in the White House, not that his blackened stain of a hear was worth much.  And the Idiot Jerk wants to sue Stormy Daniels for $20 million - but then this also is what that shit stain of a human being has always done.  There's a difference this time, however, the McMaster firing and the Daniels lawsuit are all going very, very public.  And it's not sitting well with a number of people.  But then, this is Republican stupidity at its height.  The time has come to vote them into oblivion.
Hackers are at the gates of power girds, and utilities and, of course, the Idiot Jerk doesn't care.  I suspect the only thing that will really bother him will be when he's pilloried on the White House lawn so people can pelt him with rotten eggs.  This will happen.  The sooner, the better.  How do I know?  Even Trey Gowdy is breaking with the GOP.  Stating that the Russians were directly involved in trying to get the Idiot Jerk into the White House, they indirectly imply that there was collusion.  Of course, I've said before, I suspect this to be the main reason he's not running for re-election.  He knows the hammer is going to come down hard on the GOP as Americans vote them into oblivion.
The time has come to take back our country from the Crazies on the Right.
Shut them up and shut them down.
We do this by taking back the House and the Senate.  The easiest way for this to happen is to regionalize the party and then isolate the regions.  No more purple states.  Blue forever.
For years Social Conservatives have been saying there's a war against Christianity.  The time has come to start calling that lie out.  Tell them to shut up.  The only war is the one they, themselves have started.  When some one fool says "It's against my religion," just tell them to shut up. 
In fact, that's a very good first step in shutting them up and shutting them down.  Just say "shut... up," and make sure you include that little pause between those 2 words.  No profanity.  Just 2 words.  "Shut... up."  Do that a couple of times and you'll get to see a Republican brain explode.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Pump it up

Well, today is Friday and that seems a bit odd.  I get to go back to work today.  I'm starting a 4 day stint until my next 2 days off.  Next week I'm only scheduled for 32 hours, which is fine with me.  After that, however, it looks like I'll be doing 40 per week.
I see that the Idiot Jerk's spawn is divorcing.  So, like what's odd about that?  He'll end up buying some other bottled blonde, trophy whore who will pop out another couple of spawn.  Just because they have money doesn't mean they're not breeders.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't part of the pre-nup.  You know, the more eggs that get fertilized, the bigger the settlement... there's always going to be a settlement.  Like clockwork, you know?
Outside, it's snowing.  You have to keep in mind that we're still in winter, for another week or so.  Last year, here in Central Pa, we got 3 feet of snow around this time.  This is just flurries.  Of course, that doesn't stop me from looking to see if the trees have started to bud.  My tulips are coming, so are my daffodils.  You just can't keep Mother Nature down.
Speaking of mothers, I went to see mine yesterday.  She's fine.  I'd gotten a call from her a couple of days ago.  She needed batteries for her remote.  When I got there, the old batteries were on one of her end tables.  She told me she hadn't been able to watch TV for a few days.  So, I asked her, why she wasn't using the remote my sister bought her a month ago.  It was sitting right beside her phone, so I picked it up and gave it to her.  Voila.  She can watch TV again.  For those who don't know, this is how dementia works.  That, and what she talks about is a combination of old memories mixed up with a lot of fiction.
I was going to try and get a bike ride in yesterday afternoon but ended up working on this other project.  My thoughts were that I'd get it in this AM... however the dogs got me up at 0430 and I ended up taking a little nap afterwards.  Luckily I did get in 40 minutes of free weights.  Holy Mackerel, my biceps are getting bigger!  Who'd have thought?

Not mine

Just thinking... maybe I'll pump it up tomorrow and take a picture.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Role Model Hell

Well, yesterday wasn't as full as I was expecting it to be, at least not here.  Translation:  I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted, basically because I had breakfast with my brother.  Breakfast for me is normally oatmeal.  As a result of the omelet, hash browns, and toast, I ran my errands to Giant, and to Dick's, and then turned into a slug.  I got out the wallpaper steamer, but, alas, spent not a second stripping. I did, however, spend some time on another project I've been working on.  I'll talk about that at a later date.
Anyway, I guess the GOP are trying to put a crooked face on Saccone's loss out near Pittsburgh.  I'm sure the Idiot Jerk in the White House would have splutter something incomprehensible if one of his sycophants hadn't shoved a Big Mac in his mouth and handed him a diet Coke.  Publicly they're saying Lamb won against a bad candidate... one whom the Idiot Jerk praised in an appearance there last Sunday (just saying).  Privately they're scratching their heads and asking themselves "why don't people like us?"
Interestingly enough, an opinion at NBC News answered that very question this morning.  About half way down 2 words jump out:  Role Model.  Conor Lamb stands for calm intelligence, rational behavior, and an astute awareness of what the voters want, and therefore represents the type of Role Model parents want for their children.  Rick Saccone and the Idiot Jerk are at the opposite end of the spectrum, the rectum, so to speak.  Do you really think parents what their children to grow to be like the Idiot Jerk?  Well, perhaps some, those with a trash mentality.  For the most part, however, that person in the White House represents the best in America.  Up until the Idiot Jerk, the President has always been a Role Model children were encouraged to look up to, but all that changed in 2016.  Now we have a pussy grabbing, three times divorced, porn star banger, foul mouthed scumbag sitting in the Oval Office.  The Roll Model from Hell managed to get himself elected.  The time has come to throw out the trash and Conor Lamb and Doug Jones are showing us how to do it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Lamb effect

It's Wednesday... and I don't work, which is fine with me.
The agenda for today is overloaded: breakfast with my brother, grocery shopping, a bike ride, and stripping (wallpaper).  Notice I included (wallpaper) to dispel any visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads.
For those interested, the gel riding shorts I bought at Dick's are far more comfortable than the ones I bought from Baleaf... so, since I have a coupon from Dick's I'll go and buy another pair this afternoon.
Also, another bit of news from the western part of the great state of Pennsylvania.  Evidently there's been a bit of an upset.  The reprehensible Republican, Rick Saccone, is writhing with contempt, because the moderate Democrat has gotten the majority of votes.  For Saccone, this was supposed to be a sure thing.  The district was overwhelmingly conservative, and the Idiot Jerk had won it by 19% - 20% during the 2016 election.  Yet Conor Lamb is leading Saccone by at 641 votes, and that gap continues to widen.  News organizations are now beginning to call the election, Lamb's favor.  As might be expected, Saccone has said that his "legal team" is already on it, looking for a way to steal back the election.

Even Fox News, in an article that seems surprisingly neutral, appears to concede.  I liked the bit where they note that Lamb and Saccone may "face off again in November," but only maybe since the state Supreme Court ruled that Republican gerrymandering of the state was unconstitutional.
The wave continues to grow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Phonies among us

Well, it's Tuesday.  This is my 6th day working.  I'm off tomorrow, won't that be nice?  And Thursday!
So back on Sunday I had this young couple come in, they're going to be selling their house and want to new carpet installed.  She was all about how they wanted to make sure the new home owners had decent carpet, not top tier, but definitely not bottom of the barrel, and they want to take advantage of our free installation program.  After looking around, they settled on a cheap $1.00 per square foot carpet (bottom of the barrel).  Padding was supposed to be a nice, medium grade... and, of course, they went for the cheapest we sell.  For some reason, when I did their estimate, they were charged an installation charge.  They didn't like that, so we said we'd try and figure out why.  Yesterday she called to see if we'd found out why our estimator was including the charge, and she was all rancid, honey sweet, saying things like "That carpet color is just perfect with our paint," and "That texture would really pop in our living room," and "I know this is upsetting for you," and... well you get the picture.  She's a phony sack of shit.  They're going as cheap as possible.  I know why they're getting an installation charge:  normally that carpet is a lot cheaper.  The price was raised so customers could use it for the free installation... and there's a slight glitch.  The estimator still qualifies it as being too cheap.  Today I'll call her and tell her the truth, though I won't tell her she's a cheap sack of shit.  Oh, and to make her phoniness even worse, she ended her phone conversation by saying "and you have a blessed day."
Oh, and today there's also a special election out in the western part of the state to replace a Republican scumbag.  Evidently the Republican, some phony named Saccone, is lagging in the polls.  How desperate is this phony?  Well, he's starting ripping whole chapters out of the Roy Moore play book shrieking things like my opponents hate the Idiot Jerk (so true), they hate families (??? I know Republicans hate Muslim families, and interracial families, and same sex families, but Democrats and Independents don't), oh... and the hate God.  Can you smell the desperation?  We'll have to wait and see how this plays out.
And finally, for a bit of levity, if you haven't seen the Betsy DeVos interview done for 60 minutes, you really should, just for the hooting hell of it.  This woman is dumb as a fucking brick.

Money can't buy you intelligence, nor can it keep you from being a phony.

Monday, March 12, 2018


Ah, Monday, my 5th day in a row.  Isn't it amazing how fast time flies.
I yelled at my boss yesterday - not my store manager boss, my department supervisor boss.  He has a bad habit of disappearing.  He's a nice guy... with some aging issues.  He's 47 and totally not dealing with aging.  He divorced his wife, pretty much stopped talking to his 4 kids, and got himself a girlfriend 21 years younger than himself.  He also has other issues compounding this problem.  Saturday he'd told me that he'd needed to take off work 3 times for mental stress, and that once he'd been hospitalized for a week for dementia.  That's right, and he managed to get himself into a management position.  Yesterday, the department was starting to get busy and he was nowhere to be found.  So, I went searching, and found him texting his girlfriend in the 'kitchen design' department.  I told him he was needed in the department.  And he said, "oh, I think you can handle it."  And I said, "your thinking doesn't count when you brag about being mentally ill, we need you in the department now."  This is life.  He went to the department.  What can I say.  He makes jewelry out of bicycle chains so I'd say that somewhere in his path he took the wrong career path.
This morning's ride took me up to the Boston area, 9.8 miles, and I ended up near Concord which was interesting since the last time I was there I was playing Fallout 4, battling super mutant and ghouls.  It's in Concord that you get your first set of power armor and have to kill your first Deathclaw.

Of course, that's a game.  It's not real, so there's not a lot of accountability.  That's something some people will never understand.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Roll This

Well, not only is it Sunday, but we moved the clocks ahead an hour.  I didn't get up at my standard 0500 because that would have meant getting up at 0400 (if time hadn't shifted).  The end result is that today is now a rest day, as far as working out (well, I may do some weighted crunches before I go to work).
Evidently China is on its way to getting an emperor again.  They've had one for millennia so for them this is almost genetic.  How this will play out for the country?  I have no idea.  We'll all to wait and see.
The Idiot Jerk was out near Pittsburgh yesterday - they're having a special election to replace some Republican moron named Murphy, a minor scumbag who had his mask ripped off.  What the GOP had thought of as being a sure thing, isn't going so well for them.  The replacement Republican is apparently several sizes to large and that shoe looks like it might fall off.
I designed and sold some shades, and, or, blinds to several different people yesterday.  For those who don't know, there is a difference between a shade and a blind.  It's complicated.  Shades, for the most part, are composed of cells.  Blinds are either slats or rollers.  Solar Shades are actually Roller Blinds.
Anyway, one of my customers was a nice woman whose son, in his early 30's, had bought his first home and... moved out.  She told me he was very nervous, mostly because he now had a mortgage and bills to pay.  I've met him.  He seems like a nice man who, to be blunt, needed to be kicked out of the house.  His Mom is so happy, she bought him $1500 in roller blinds, brown, cordless, and with no valances (she doesn't like them).

Cordless roller shades, no valances
She also told me that he started "warming up" to his new home once he saw the rooms with some furniture in them...  Of course, she's having the blinds shipped to her house because he works during the day.  Oh, and his new home is a 'condo' with 6 windows - that's it.  I find that odd because my house has 14 windows and light floods in on sunny days.  Her son must have bought a cave.