I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Elton, post concert

So, I wen to see Elton John last night at the Giant Center.

This is the 5th time I've seen him in concert, the last time was some 30 odd years ago.  The only issue I had, and it was minor, was with the start time.  When I bought the tickets from TicketMaster the start time was 7:30 so that's what I put in my calendar.  Three days ago I received an email from TicketMaster reminding me of the show and listing the start time as 7:30, the start time on the ticket itself, however, was 8:00.  We got their early, and waited.  The show actually started around 10 minutes of 8.
His first song is probably my all time favorite - Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding.  I'm proud to say that way back when I pledged Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, I played that for my audition piece.  I can probably still play it, if I want... with mistakes most likely. 

 Seeing him perform it live was great!
He played 2 songs from Madman Across the Water, Levon and Tiny Dancer.  The audience reaction to Tiny Dancer was,,, amazing, high pitched squeals of delight, what you might expect if it had been 16,000 gay men in attendance and Ryan Gosling had suddenly stepped on stage and started to strip.
There were lots of songs from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, including the title track.  
And he was very loud, in fact louder than I was expecting.  You could feel the floor vibrating, and when he played his way through that lovely lesbian love song All the Girls Love Alice my Aqua Fresh water danced around in the bottle as though a T-Rex was approaching, which was very, very great!  From Tumbleweed Connection he played another of my favorites Burn Down the Mission, and from Don't Shoot Me (I'm only the piano player) Have Mercy on the Criminal and Crocodile Rock (his encore).
A fun time was had by all!  Even the balding, middle-aged guy in front of me who was definitive proof that some white guys just can't dance.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Paint, politics, and Elton John

I'm on the 2nd day of a 4 day vacation, well, make that 2 vacation days and 2 days I requested off.  I'm painting the living room.  The chandelier arrived yesterday, chrome and crystal (real crystal) and really, really shiny.  I like it.
Monday I get to go back to work and deal with our new scheduling system.  It's shit.  Full-Time hourly associates not have a fixed schedule, being either opener, mid, or closer, and while I'm not supposed to be used a filler... you guessed it, I'm the filler.  This means my schedule is... shit.  When the opener has days off, I open, same thing with the mid and the closer.  According to SOP this is not supposed to happen.
On the political side, the debates are Monday night.  I'm not watching them.  I never watch debates.  They're expecting the largest audience of all time, mostly because a lot of people will be tuning in to watch some sort of political blood sport.  Trumplodites are praying for Don to figuratively slap the shit out of Hillary, and they will be upset if that doesn't happen.  The same thing goes for the Hillary supporters, they want her to smack him down over and over again.  People want to see a grudge match where punches are thrown and blood splatters way outside the ring.  The only thing missing is the bell... wait, they may actually have a bell to announce the end of the round.
On a lighter note, I'm going to see Elton John this evening.

We're sitting in Section E, Row 19, seats 1 and 2, which should be pretty good seats.  I checked the pricing out on Ticketmaster Wednesday and, should I want to sell the tickets, I could get about $400 a piece.  Not selling them.  I've seen Elton John 4 other times, including the Philadelphia show in 1976 where he came on stage dressed like the Statue of Liberty.  Those were the good old days, weren't they?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gone home to Jesus

Yesterday was one of the ho-hum days at work.  I had to open the store, which I hate.  We are starting a new scheduling system and hopefully that will happen only on very rare occasions.
I did see that one of Trump's brats is getting a lot of crap because of his plagiarizing and photo from Twitter, one that was taken by a refugee and posted some years back.  One of the many problems with the Trumps is that they are used to doing what ever they want with absolutely no accountability.  They do what they want, they say what they want, and no one has ever said "hey, stop being an asshole."  They don't realize they're assholes, they just think they're special.
And from what I've been gleaning from the Internet, Hillary seems to have turned the corner and is once again slowly moving a head of Trump.  I suspect his putting a stake in the heart of his Birther lies has something to do with that.  He pushed that for years because he wanted to, I mean, why would he, Donald Trump be concerned that it was a lie.  He says what he wants because he thinks he's special.
And finally, yesterday morning I got called back to one of the pre-fabricated shower stalls.  Something had  been found.  Crap.  Anyway, when I got there found several people gathered, staring downward.  This is what they were looking at.

That's right, we had a squirrel in the building.  He had, unfortunately, already gone home to Jesus, so all we could do was pop him into a box and put him in the dumpster.  Someone suggested that might be a hazmat issue, but when you stop and think about all the garbage coming out of our lunchroom I somehow doubt that.  We think he tried to jump to one of the steel girders making up our roof and couldn't grab hold and... well, fell to his death.  Sometimes this is how life ends, dramatically, with a fall.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hang This

Since the new color of my living room is going to be a dark chili pepper red I've decided I need to refresh the lighting.  What I have now is an old world frosted dome light which is not very bright and something like that would keep the room too dark  and shadowy so I decided to go with a chandelier.  I looked as some that were very fluted and very Rococo with dazzling crystals and realized right off the bat they were too overwhelming for my feminine side.  Then I looked at some made of antlers, very stylish, very butch, pumping up the testosterone factor to such a degree that a simple reaching for the remote would cause my muscles to shred the shirts right off my back.  So I opted for something of crystal and chrome and square and modern:

Thank God I have high ceilings!
On the political front, I see that many of Trump's trumplodite supporters don't really care that he admitted Obama was born in the USA.  They looooove him.  They will follow him to the ends of the earth.  But then they don't really want a president, they want a dictator, some strong arm guy who's going to rule with an iron fist, like Putin.  I don't know if you saw, but they had elections in Russia this past weekend and the Pro-Putin party won big, but then they usually win big.  In about 18 months Putin will be up for re-election, which he will win big even if the Russian people are growing tired of him, since all opposition is pretty much wiped off of the ballot.  This is exactly what trumplodites wan.  No opposition.  If Trump wins only white lives will matter, no one else.  That's what they want.  That's why they hang on him like flies on shit.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

South of the Border

Well, the boarder is down, and what a challenge it was.  My house was built in 1905 and back then ceilings were high.  That's right, I have 10' ceilings on the first floor (ground floor for some of you) and the only way to strip off the border was to straddle a 4' ladder, steamer plate in one hand, plastic scrapper in the other.  And that was after I moved all of the furniture to the center of the room.  Once I got the rhythm going it was like peeling a banana, except for the south wall.  The west, north, and east walls were easy, but that south wall was a bitch.  Way back when, that was the first wall to be bordered, enthusiasm was high and the pre-pasted paper was allowed to soak longer in the water before being applied.  This meant a longer drying time, thus giving the paste a longer period to soak into the plaster wall.  Where the rest came off in strips, on the south wall it was steam, scrap, and then steam, scrap.

In the picture above you can see the pastel peach color the walls were originally, and what 17 years of time did to that color.  You can also see a bit of the border which I really, really did like at the time.  You can also see a bit of the rag-rolled ceiling which a friend and I put up while working out way through a case of beer, pausing occasionally to watch "Titanic" which I had playing on the TV.  The whole room is changing.  It's about time.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stripping to the sound of laughter

Well, today is my Sunday, for you it's Saturday, but it's the last day of my weekend and boy do I have a lot of things planned... well, that's not right, just one thing, actually, strip the boarder from my living room ceiling, however, since there is a total of about 70 linear square feet, I think the plural 'things' is appropriate.

And, while I'm stripping,  here are a couple of jollies to keep you laughing, I know they made me laugh.  First up, a video of that crazy cultist Steve Anderson getting very angry that the world is shutting him down.

Holy Crap, how much worse can this guy's whines get.  I laughed at the bit about scores of emails.  According to Webster a 'score is equal to 20', so basically he got about 40 emails, which is disappointing as hell.

And then Trump admitted Obama is a US citizen in like 4 sentences... and then blamed Clinton, and then he quickly built a wall around himself and refused to take any questions.  If you look at his eyes in the video you'll see he is just as pissed off as Steve Anderson.  I think he'd like to feed his ego by winning the election, but but doesn't really want to be president for 4 years because his businesses would suffer; he'd have to put everything into a blind trust.  You can't run your mega-corporations and be president.  Sure, he'll get a lot of votes, but he's giving the centrists and the leftists enough ammunition to keep him in check.

Finally, I went to see "Sully" last night.  I liked it... a lot... it's a really good feel good movie, I mean everybody knows how it ends.  I did wonder, however, if his wife is as totally self-centered as Laura Linney played her.  Tom Hanks was very, very good playing Sully.  I was glad to see that Eastwood focused most of the drama on the landing in the East River and not the behind the scenes issues with the NTSB.  And I was really glad to see Aaron Eckhart had a decent part for a change.  My only wish is that it would have started with him wearing only a towel in a steamy bathroom rather than Hanks.  Now that would have made it really jolly.

Where's the fur?

Well, it's off to the living room where I plan to strip to my heart's content.

Friday, September 16, 2016

The art of being Pretentious

Back when I worked for Marriott, I got to know some of the local artists, in fact, one of my friends would model occasionally, not that he was ever recognizable.  I remember being at a show where two women were considering whether to buy a large painting and he was all excited.  "They're going to buy one of my nudes," he'd exclaimed.  Walking over I found myself looking at a lot of brown swirls, and ochre lines shooting off in different directions.  If you stared at it long enough you might be able to pick a nipple here and a nipple there.  I managed to count at least 4 different penises (at least that's what I thought they were) and I can tell you, my friend is not that blessed.  I did like the painting but would never have spent that much money for something that was way too big for my house.
I bring this up because I have friends on Facebook who like to think of themselves as artists - they take pictures - lots and lots and lots of pictures.  Some of their other friends fawn over these pictures.  I don't.  The truth is that most of them are just pictures.  These people post albums and nothing really stands out.  One of these friends is constantly trying to enhance her pictures with special effects so we'll get an album with 15 sepia toned pictures of her dogs.  She doesn't understand that the picture needs to be able to stand alone.  Once you start tinting it, and adding halos, while some may still may consider it art, it's no longer a photograph.  It's no longer a representation of the real world.
Then there is one who is just way, way too pretentious.  She will post pics she's taken from "her studio" window of the flowers her lawn, or of the "3rd step in a long climb up the Stanford Lighthouse."  Every time she posts I just sadly shake my head.  This is an example.

In the comment section, she'd noted that she'd taken this while having lunch with a cousin she hadn't seen for quite some time.  This would have been okay if she hadn't added these 3 little words "I drank water."  Maybe she took this because the glass is off center, or because the 'Bonefish' is upside down, or perhaps because of the olives, I don't know, but the minute she added that last, little sentence she became pretentious since those words become the focal point, not the martini.  She drank water... who cares?