I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Foul Ball

Well, the Idiot is coming back to Washington.  He's claiming to have hit a home run - not so at all, more like a foul ball.  His supporters, however are happy, but then they didn't see the Idiot curtsy to the Saudi King; conservative media didn't report on that.  While the majority of the world saw those pictures of he and the Pope as bad press for the Idiot, his Evangelical supporters, most of whom really don't like Catholics in really huge way, saw things differently.  They saw a triumphant president standing next to a Pope who looked as though he'd just been read the riot act.  Perception is everything, you know.  Just to remind you, these people are the enemy.  You and I watched the Idiot shove his way through a crowd to put himself center stage, and then preen like a very, very over the hill porn star.  They watched as their leader demonstrated American superiority, making sure he stood above all of those smaller, European leaders.
Except, they pretty much treated the Idiot like white trash, a man who's caused so much pain and suffering in his life without caring.  Except for his minority group, most saw a fool.  I'm sure Moscow saw someone they believe they already got hooked.  They don't understand Putin sees the Idiot as the home run, hitting the Idiot out of the park means taking the US out of the game.  And that's what Putin really wants.  Of course, his Idiot followers don't realize this... because that would mean he's nothing more than a Ruskie pawn, an easy pitch to the losers who voted him into office.

Of course, now that the Idiot's back, the Russian shit is going to once again over whelm his administration.  That stink is continuing to grow, and grow.  And this is going to be so bad the Idiot's not even going to be able to bunt his way on to first base.  Heads will start to roll as he begins to realize the only way out of this is for a sacrifice play... except he doesn't realize there isn't anybody on base.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jane (and her vagina) has left the building

Permanently.  For those who don't know, Jane (not her real name) was a 77 year old cashier who I managed until this past February.  About a year ago she'd had some sort of surgery to keep her sagging genitals from... well... falling out.  She was rude to associates on a daily basis because she felt she was entitled to treat them in what ever manner she deemed fit.  Oh, and she was a rabid supporter of the Idiot in the White House, even taking time off from work to go see him when he was campaigning in Harrisburg.  In other words, she felt empowered to tell everybody else what to do... and always rudely.  Once, after she had barked an order at a Hardware Associate, I'd told her that she needs to be a bit more polite and ask, not demand.  Her response was "I never ask."
And yesterday, a little before 1 PM, she was escorted from the building.  No loss.
And just like her, I have no doubt, the Idiot in the White House will be escorted from the building... unless of course he runs away first.  Historically, that seems to be his "modus operandi."  In the past, when his bad decision making has caught up with him, he's filed for bankruptcy.  During the campaign he claimed that this proved how smart he was.  Horse shit.  Only fools like Jane believed him.  There are a lot of fools in this country.  Not so in Europe, they realize he's a bumblehead.  There was an interesting article in the LA Times this AM.  Very few were even slightly impressed.

Since I am no longer a manager, I was not privy to the reasons for Jane's termination, though whispers have said customer complaints were increasing to almost a daily level, which is precisely the same issue the Idiot has, terrible customer service.  It is totally beyond his ken to realize that we, the American People, are his customers, and that's all of us, not just that shrinking minority who voted for him.  The one lesson the Idiot failed to learn from all of his bankruptcies was that they do not wipe his slate clean.  His bad judgments have ruined people financially.  His inability to learn from past mistakes has led others to one hardship after another.  At 70 he is way, way too old to start learning.  As a result he will end up being removed from office, only the 2nd president in our history to get himself walked out the door.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Donald Trump - toilet demon

So, Montana stayed red.. no surprise there.  I wasn't expecting to see a change in what would have to be classified as a rural state in which the population is overwhelmingly white.  Georgia, however, will be different.  And wait until North Carolina votes now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the GOP gerrymandering in that state was completely unconstitutional.  Why is it that Republicans seem to hate people of color?  Do you have any idea how many times they've been taken to court because of their illegal laws regarding voting?  Texas just got a smack back because their voting laws were written to intentionally discriminate.  This discrimination was aimed at a very large voting block of non-white, Spanish speaking people.  Of course, we should have expected they would try something like this, the Texas turn out for the Idiot in the White House was really, really huge, what with him promising that Wall of his.  Except now it looks like there isn't going to be a Wall - sorry racists.
Oh, and you know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words?  What about that snap of the Pope standing next to the Idiot... or any one of the videos that people are watching.  His facial expressions say everything.  It's obvious that he's thinking "I can't believe I'm standing next to the Shit Demon from "Dogma."

There was another funny video making the rounds in which the Idiot pushed aside the Prime Minister from Montenegro in order to make sure his egoness was center stage for a photo-op... and the whole world got to see him preen. And I don't think the GOP has any idea how terrible that looks, that the rest of world saw that little shove and thought... 'what an asshole.'  To be perfectly honest, I believe the Shit Demon probably has better manners."

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Idiots unbound!

For those who didn't know, trying to survive on a minimum wage, putting food on the table and making sure there is a roof over your head is just a 'state of mind?'  At least that what Ben Carson believes.  That's right, poverty is a state of mind.  Have you ever heard anything more delusional?
Something truly monstrous happened in Manchester, UK, and the Idiot in the White House tweeted that the word monster was too good for the terrorist, that 'loser' was better....  Got that?   When a terrorist detonates himself in order to kill innocent children he's not a monster... he's a loser.  Well, now we know just how far down the stupid spectrum the Idiot is located.
Body slams anybody?  Those crazy conservatives are really coming unstrung!  In Montana this Republican candidate is beginning to body slam reporters who question him about... oh, little things like the GOP Healthcare failed plan.  Nice, huh?  They are fraying at the ends.  You see, the American people are telling them they are wrong, and... well... how can that be?  Don't that make you laugh?
And the Hell Hole that most of the world calls Brussels is not happy that the the Idiot is in town.  For those who don't remember, the first time he flew over Harrisburg, PA he said we looked like a war zone.  So, it seems as though the Idiot feels an inherent need to characterize people and  places with names because... well they demonstrate his superior intelligence.  Of course, that's why the most popular adjective used to describe him is Idiot... oh wait, that's a noun, but then he will never know the difference.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Messiah Village Fail

So, the past 2 days were my weekend and I had so much I planned to accomplish and... well, that didn't happen.  They are ready to move my Mom out of the hospital, however they want her to go where she can have soft core rehab.  So, we're sitting there my brother's crazy christian wife says "I don't see why we don't send her to Messiah Village." Now, I have a big problem with Messiah.  They are the only facility that require you to fill out at financial application.  That's right.  Even if you're only going there for 2 weeks of Rehab, they need to know how much money you have in the bank, how much is in your 401K, what annuities you have, if there are any investment accounts, as well as your monthly income.  Also, they need to know if these are owned individually or jointly.  Oh, and don't forget, they're Christian.  Right.  They're out to make money.  There is even a sentence that states "I represent the resources listed above are and will remain available for payment of services I may receive at Messiah Village."  See what I mean?  They will reject you if your finances don't meet their requirements.  They are not Christian.
We're going to go with Manor Care.  They actually accepted my Mom yesterday afternoon without any questions about her finances, all we're waiting on is the transportation.

I suspect that my brother and sister-in-law are not happy.  This is life.  She was already looking dismal yesterday when I reminded her that my Sister would not want to drive the distance.  Actually, my sister-in-law lost the battle when she said that the day before my Mom had mentioned twice about her desire to go to Messiah Village.  My Mom has dementia.  I have little patience for a phony Christian who lies.  And tomorrow, I have another meeting at 8:30 in the morning.  Yippie skippie.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Idiot... and the Orb of Doom!

Well, it looks like the Idiot not only wants to have impressively low approval ratings, we find out that being President of the United States is only part of his ambition.  What he really wants to be, more than anything else, is Emperor of the World.  He'd originally set his sights on being 'King' of the World, but James Cameron already has his name plate on that door, so he's going to have to settle for Emperor.  This means (drum roll please) he's going to have to invade the Marvel Cinematic Universe!  And I understand Disney already has a working title:  "The Idiot... and the Orb of Doom!"

Which means the Idiot is going to have to fight, and lose, to The Avengers, as well as The Guardians of the Galaxy!  Stand back Conservatives!  Your evil plans will be foiled and smashed asunder by a shirtless Chris Evans and a shirtless Chris Platt!  Holy Crap!  The Idiot's going to get dunked by a double Chris, super charged, super hero, twin pack of six pack abs!  This is going to be huge!  really, really huge!  I can't even begin to imagine what ticket sales are going to be like.
Of course, this is all make believe, but then that's where the Idiot, as well as most Conservatives and Republicans live; out of touch, and out of mind, inhabiting a planet easily grasped in the Idiot's tiny, tiny hands.  Reality is a far flung universe to them.
Unfortunately, there will be no teaser to a sequel halfway through the credits at the end of this one.  This doesn't mean there isn't going to be a sequel, we're talking about the GOP here, they're going to keep repeating their same shitty message to an ever dwindling crowd, just like Michael Bay and his shitty Transformer movies.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bow commoner, Bow

So, the Idiot met the Saudi King.  Fox news shows the handshake, they don't show the bow, or as some are calling it, the curtsy.  Call it want you want, he bowed his head then did a little dip, or maybe you want to call it a booty drop, which is totally acceptable when you remember how hugely impressed he is with strong leaders, and let's be honest here, the King of Saudi Arabia is about as authoritarian as you can get.  What makes this even funnier is that prior to the Idiot's dip, someone said, "Bow commoner, bow before the King," in Arabic.  Don't you love the 'commoner' bit?  Let's face it, the Idiot's about as common as lower case letters can get.
And I think it's funny how the Conservatives heaped criticism after criticism on Obama while totally failing to point out that there guy did the very same thing.  The Washington Post, a conservative media outlet (whom the Idiot hates because of their honesty) does a pretty good comparison.  But then we know crazy conservatives will never, ever acknowledge how screwed up they are.

Next stop on the journey?  Israel, where I understand that his suite is going to be bomb proof.  As I'd said before, the security for the Idiot's visit is going to nearly bankrupt smaller countries, like Israel, and Italy.  
Well, it's off to work.  For some of you this maybe Sunday, but for me?  It's Friday... again; off Monday and Tuesday.  They will be my last 2 days off in a row for the next 2 weeks - Memorial always screws up days off, though I'm not schedule to work the actual holiday.  Go figure.