I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I see a little silhouette of a dog

Okay, so the Idiot in the White House has a new communications director (notice the lower case?) and Sean quit...  Oh me, oh my oh... and he's a little guy (with a Napoleonic Complex no doubt!).  I was reading some of his comments regarding his new position and was stunned to see that he had actually "I love the President."  According to the Washington Post, he also said that he loved Sean Spicer.  Sorry, but that's a little too much phony information.  Scaramucci is a tiny billionaire business man who loves himself.  The truth is that the Idiot in the White House wanted a billionaire attack dog... and this is what he got.

This doesn't mean that Little Tony isn't going to snarl, and growl, and nip at the free press, which is one of the main reasons I suspect the Idiot chose him.  You see, Little Tony attacked CNN and 3 of their reporters quit because they didn't do the ground work on a story about him.  You can bet that's changed, and you can also bet it's not going to be "hands off Little Tony."  In fact there will most likely be more hands on Little Tony then there were Crazy Christian paws on the Idiot last week... or was it the week before.  He does do so many faux publicity stunts it's difficult to keep track of them all.
And I bailed on the White Water Rafting trip that is going to happen this afternoon.  Storms.  I asked my brother if he'd been watching Accuweather and his response was "I'd rather be in denial."  Well, I looked and they should be hitting the Pittsburgh region in about 3 hours... and we're not talking about a 15 - 20 minute storms here, nope, the torrential rains, and thunder, and lightening, and winds, are supposed to continue for hours... and hours.  So, I wouldn't be surprised if they get there and find out they've been cancelled.  I mean, who in their right mind would take people out on rafts, on a river, with lightening exploding across the region?  Of course my brother does have an excuse... he's a Republican.

Friday, July 21, 2017

From the sweat of my brow

This is the cap I wear when I do my cardio, supposedly to keep the sweat from running down my face and into my eyes, sometimes I think, however, it's to keep thoughts from exploding out of my brain and into the world.

Like pondering about Chester Bennington from Linkin' Park's suicide.  The idea of choosing nothing over something is totally incomprehensible to me.  And, of course, there was the usual talk on the Internet about his struggling with drugs and alcohol...  just like a millions of other people.  And then the bits came out about his having a terrible childhood, and his being molested by and older friend when he was a boy... that last one, that's the one which tweaked my irritation.  Not that it didn't happen, but that a man who made millions of dollars didn't seek treatment for his "psychological scarring."  That evidently didn't happen, he did tell people about it however, stating that the experience was so "traumatic" he often thought of suicide.  So, it's a good thing I had my cap on this morning because I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would not like where my thoughts were taking me.
And then there were my thoughts about the Scumbag Idiot in the White House and his interview with the NYT.   Isn't interesting how he derides it constantly for being filled with fake news and uses it to spit out his venom?  Firing Mueller?   Shitting on Sessions?  Holy Crap!  I was ready to jump off the elliptical and grab my pompoms!  Kick line anybody?  Holy Shit, they might investigate his finances!   Nixon proclaimed "I am not a crook," however the Scumbag Idiot in the White House most certainly is and has always been one.  Every group that supported him, from the NRA to Family First, will suffer the consequences of his collapse, as will every middle aged white person who took their hatred of everything Democratic and Centrist into the ballot box that night in November.  His Karma is so terribly bad!  Everything around him will splinter and shatter.  This is how life happens.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Heads Will Roll

So, this AM I was all set to order the Suunto Spartan when I decided to try and pair the Fenix one last time... and it paired.  I checked and Garmin updated their app, now all I have to do is see if this is a good fix, or one that is only temporary.
And on the funny irony side of things, last evening I left a comment on 'I should be Laughng' about the Idiot, and that we should be perhaps a little wary of his Idiocy and then this AM saw on Towleroad that Matt Drudge had Tweeted out something about the Idiot and his continually declining approval ratings, stating "Heads will Roll."  Of course they will, and each one that goes careening into the gutter will be another stake in the Idiot's dismal ratings.  You see, the Idiot's more than a bit confused.  You see in his illogical world, President is a synonym for Dictator; if you're a president you tell people what you want them to do and they do it... or else.  And he's even more pissed because the country isn't even letting him act like he's America's CEO.  Who's going to pay the price?  Everybody.  Sessions is on his shit list, so is Mueller,  and Rod Rosenstein  because "he's from Baltimore," not a lot of Republicans live in Baltimore.
The Idiot in the White House is a Scumbag, and has always been one.  He's a pathological liar.  His compassion for the American people might fill a teaspoon, if America is lucky.  The fact that 32 million people would be affected by a repeal of the ACA doesn't phase him the least.  In fact, the meatloaf he shared with Xi Jinping has more value to him than than the American people.  We are worth less than meatloaf.  He likes his chocolate cake, too, especially when it's been baked and served by legal aliens from Central America.
I truly believe that Matt Drudge, a gay conservative, is right, heads will roll, but that will only make the situation worse for the GOP.  And, in the end, the Idiot and his spawn will move the Moscow suburbs, where they belong.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Suunto vs Garmin as Idiocy increases.

So, I called Suunto to find out if their is compatible with the Galaxy S8 - their response was "no problem," in fact, after doing a just a little research it seems that only Garmin is having problems with connectivity, and those companies that had issues have corrected them already.  hhhm, is did I make a mistake and buy an expensive bauble for my wrist?  I guess the more important question is will I make an investment in a Sport Watch which actually does what it says it does?  I went with the Fenix 3 HR because of years of good experience with Garmin, however prior to my last Forerunner, I'd owned a Suunto Volcano, which did everything it promised.  The apps used by the Fenix need to be purchased, those by the Spartan don't.  The Spartan is hand made in Finland and I liked pickled herring.  Garmin's are American owned but manufactured in... China.  I can afford switching to Suunto, I'm just not wild about the color blue.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Idiot in the White House says he's going to let the ACA implode, or explode, or what verb happens to be sitting on the tip of his tongue.  This is funny, because neither of those 2 things is happening.  And evidently he had a more private tête-à-tête with his Crush Boy Vlad.  Scrumptious, right?  And without a translator - must have been talking the language of love... oh, wait, Melanoma was with them, wasn't she?  And she speaks Slovakian or Russian, or... well, what ever.
What makes the past  couple of days even lovelier is that rather than blame the Idiot in the White House for the healthcare failure, Conservatives are blaming their Republican Senators.  Delicious, right?  Grab your bibs and napkins, we're all about to witness a GOP Piranha Feeding Frenzy!

"Yo, Mitch!  They're looking at you bud with chompers on the ready!"

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Answers for Anne Marie

So, the Three Caballaros were at PF again this AM... and the older gent actually notated something in his stenographer's pad... but only once after he did some bicep curls on a machine and I thought, "poor thing, he's not going to remember that."  Mr. Mustache was there too, though the handlebars were a bit droopy today.
And the GOP Healthcare is DEAD.  And the Idiot is blaming Democrats and a few Republicans... maybe someone should enlighten him because he evidently hasn't realized his part controls both the House and the Senate: they shouldn't need the Democrats, in fact they've been bragging about that fact for some time now, all the while accomplishing nothing.
And Anne Marie asked some questions yesterday, here are my responses.

1.  What deceased person would you like to meet and why?
Heath Ledger, and I'd like to ask him why he couldn't have been more careful.  His was the one celebrity death that broke my heart.

2.  Truth or Dare?
 Truth, always the truth.
3.  What is your creative talent?
Words, I love words.
4.  Clothing - necessary or useless?
That all depends upon whom I looking at... oh, you mean me... well, necessary, who needs growth hormones?
5.  What is the first name of your BFF?
That would be Betsy, and even though she's older than me, I'm her legal guardian since she had her stroke.
Weird/funny question - what is your fave tune that ALWAYS makes you smile?  
"So Long Dearie" from Funny Girl... "it's a little lumpy, but it rings!"

Finally, this morning while I was doing medicine ball crunches on my purple yoga mat Big Seig decided to give my face a bath and licked off my glasses, good thing I didn't have the contacts in, he'd have sucked them off my eyeballs.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sweat Storm

So, here it is... Monday, not the first day of my work week since I started back yesterday.
My cardio this AM was anything but optimal...most likely due to a couple of things, the most important being that I chose music that didn't have the right beat.  Music is very important, for the first note of the first song is what sets the tone, and, unfortunately it was an old Fall Out Boy album that I tuned in and the first song eased into an oozing repetition, not what I needed.   Another thing was my phone - the S8 has a Health App that actually has an elliptical tracker, so this AM I chose to use it... bad choice, every 5 minutes this female elevator voice whispered my total time and calories burned into my ear.  Last time that App gets used.  Even still, I managed to get the ticker going fast enough to turn myself into a sweat storm.

Aftermath of sweat
And I'm also having a little war with Garmin right now.  Back in February I bought myself their Fenix 3 HR and all was right with the world, until I bought my S8.  Connectivity disappeared instantly which means all of the bells and whistles I paid for no longer work.  So I've been complaining.  Other sport watches have updated their software, Garmin still has yet to do so.  On last Friday's email they told me that it takes "extensive testing with a new phone" before they release an update, to which I listed some of their competitors who had already completed their testing and released an update.  
I saw that Ann Coulter had started some sort of Tweet War with Delta.  Ann Coulter... what can I say, every time I see her I think of Elton John's song "Dirty Little Girl."  
Oh, and the Idiot in the White House was golfing again this weekend, or maybe he was just at golf tournament.  Now, I've never been a golf enthusiast.  In fact, I've always thought of it as one of those pretentious sports because it's expensive, and because people who play it, like the Idiot, seem to think that they're special.  Let's be honest here.  How many of you watch the Golf Channel.  Yep, there is one.  And if you've ever watched a tournament you know the commentator always talks in a low, quiet voice since a normal voice might ruin the golfer's concentration.  Give me a break!


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pier One / Big Seig

So, after the Viewing yesterday, I went home and changed into something more comfortable and ran a few errands.  One of those was going to Pier One to buy some candles. I buy most of my candles there since they're less expensive than Yankee Candle and have a decent variety, otherwise I avoid Pier One.  Pretentiousness, you know?  The last candles I bought (2 months ago) were called 'Linen' and I was told that scent was part of "our winter collection."  Yesterday a clerk was walking around with a customer in the candle section and I heard her say "this is Orange Whisper, and it's part of our Fall collection."  Give Me A Break!  I but candles because of color and scent, not because they're part of a seasonal collection of scents.  Yesterday I bought 2 red candles and a blue one because... I liked the color red and the color blue and they smelled good.

The Red Candles
I don't buy anything else at Pier One because, let's be honest here, most of the crap they sell looks like it was designed by a failed HGTV Home Decorator.  And most of it looks phony.  
After Pier One, I stopped by the Gay Giant in Camp Hill, because it was nearby.  It's called the Gay Giant because it's a straight shot across the Harvey Taylor Bridge from the gayborhoods of downtown Harrisburg.  Being the only supermarket within 3 miles, the clientele is, at times, very gay, very lesbian, and very... well everything.
And, of course, yesterday being a nice day, the back door was open quite a bit, which meant that the dogs were running in and out all day and having a blast.  Last evening I found Big Seig sleeping on the futon with his moose.

Ain't that the life?