I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Donald Trump - Dopamine Junkie

Well, the good news is that I start my new, fixed schedule on February 6 - the shift is 10:30 - 7, and I can not wait!
The bad news is that we have a president elect who's a dopamine junkie.  Notice that I don't use the acronym.  Every time I hear PEOTUS I think of some really, really bad sexually transmitted disease... admit it, doesn't it sound really, really scary?  He has PEOTUS.
Anyway, DT has really, really low approval ratings, which might be equal, or actually worse than having PEOTUS.  One of the reasons for these ratings is his inability to stop texting, most Americans hate it.  Unfortunately for most Americans, he's not going to stop.  This is the result of his addiction to dopamine.  You can't actually be addicted to dopamine, but can become addicted to the action which initiates this neurotransmitter's response.  The response to a text can trigger this response, or a Tweet, and it's not the Tweet itself, but rather the response.  And for DT, the zanier, more incoherent, outlandish the Tweet, the more responses he gets and they kick in his AK47 neural transmitter gun.  That's right, he's a dopamine junkie.  The louder the response from the crowd, the better he feels.

Sadly, this means he will never lose his phone.  For DT, that would be like a heroin addict going 'cold turkey.'  As long as people respond, he will Tweet.  The only way to stop him is to take away his phone, and that will never happen.  We can only pray that someone, somewhere finds away to stop him, otherwise he will Tweet us all to death.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Send in the Drones

Well, it's Monday, and it's a holiday, Martin Luther King Day, and, of course, I'm working.  This week's schedule is shitty.  I'm a mid today, open the store tomorrow, a mid on Wednesday and then open the store again on Thursday.  I'm off on Friday, and no, I'm not making the 80 minuted drive down to Washington to throw flaming bags of shit at DT's motorcade.  Inauguration Day will be, I suspect, a day that lives in infamy.  If what I've seen on the Internet is true, at least 393 protest permits have been issued by the city which equates to a lot of angry people.  I have no idea how many people have signed up for DisruptJ20 but even if there was a count I sure it would be radically off.  There are going to be so many protesters there.
And last evening, while I was playing Skyrim, I started to wonder if there was some anonymous group out there who might be planning to Send in the Drones.  I mean, they would really be disruptive, you know?  Buzzing the crowds, those in the stands, maybe even DT himself.  Wouldn't that make a great television shot, DT ducking to get out of the way of a remote controlled drone.  The main goal is to disrupt the entire event, to make DT look as bad as possible, to embarrass him.  He is such a load.

These drones don't have to be big, either.  Can't you just visualize armed Trumplodites pulling out their loaded weapons and firing blindly at these quickly moving targets?  Chaos would erupt.  This is what happens when a loser manages to squeak in to the presidency through the back door.  The Republicans did it once before and learned absolutely nothing.  But then for them it's not about governing, or serving the American People, nope, it's about a minority group dictating to a majority.  All of this planned disruption is about putting them in their place.  They are basically caretakers until we can get another good Democrat into the White House, and they need to understand this.   The majority is speaking.  

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pussy Hat Brigade

Well, it's Sunday, and, supposedly a day of rest... and I've got lots of things to do around the house.  My schedule for the next 3 weeks is pretty crappy.  I can not wait until I get my fixed shift.
As I was reading the news this morning I came across this article on Pussy hats.  This coming weekend, many, many women are going to be in Washington DC to protest the inauguration of DT.  And, I suspect, a lot of them are going to be wearing Pussy Hats.  If you'd like to knit one, the pattern is here.  Wouldn't that be so neat?  Seeing a sea of pussy hats walking down Pennsylvania Avenue.  Disrupt.  Disrupt.  Disrupt.

I think it's rather amazing that in regards to the vast population of the United States, a minority of them ruin the lives of the majority.  And evidently that majority is moving.  Twenty Seven groups have applied for permits to demonstrate on Friday.  You can bet that there are more, they just haven't applied.  They will be coming from many, many states.  Some will be wearing their pussy hats on Friday, some will not.  Will the riot police be called out?  Possible.  Trumplodites hate everyone and everything that does not worship their master, and about 900,000 are expected to show up... of course, that figure may be inflated.  A friend of mine said that he wouldn't be surprised if they actually move the "swearing in" ceremony inside, where it's safe.  I also wouldn't be surprised if DT finds his Twitter account overwhelmed, maybe even knock it off line.  If you really want to piss off this asshole, blow up his Twitter account.
In the meantime I'm waiting to see the Pussy Hat Brigade.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Specialist

So, yesterday was busy.  I had the day off and filled with all sorts of fun stuff, starting off with a visit to my Orthopedic Specialist at 0730.  Arthritis, you know, but just a check up, no problems.  It is odd when he says the word "degenerative' though.  That means some day everything is going to fall apart.
And then I went to my local Giant grocery shopping.  And after that I drove across Shady Hill Road to interview at my soon to be local Weis Market.  I had applied to be a fish monger but they have other ideas.  The HR Specialist did a little oohing and ahhing when I told him I managed 29 cashiers in the winter but that the number increased to 44 during the spring and summer
While I was bragging about myself, my phone started vibrating with an incoming call.  It was my Store Manager calling to tell me how much money I'd lose when I step down from my management position.  Better than I thought.  I'll get a fixed shift, either 9 - 6 or 10 - 7, both would work well for me.  So, sitting in the parking lot of my soon to be local Weis Market, I said yes.  This means I probably won't take the job at Weis if they make an offer.  And financially my "take home" pay is not going to change.  Right now I have a high percentage going to my 401K, so all I needed to do was drop that deduction by 12%.  And what am I going to be?  A Specialist.

That's right.  I'm going to specialize in flooring... and blinds... and tile.  This means I'm also going to have to learn to drive a forklift.... be afraid.... be very, very much afraid.
Anyway, I had a long conversation with my friend Betsy last evening about the approaching Trumpageddon.  She doesn't understand that starting next Friday things are going to being unraveling for the GOP, or that DT is surrounding himself with people will very shortly be at each other's throats.  You know?  Like Kushner and Bannon, the almost orthodox Jew and the Anti-Semite.  Lot's of harmony there.  
Well, I'm off to work.  Need to study up on my hard woods.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Trump's Golden Showers are just beginning

No, I did not check out #goldenshower... I don't have a Twitter account.  But isn't this whole thing hysterical?  I mean think about it.  We may have a president elect who's paid prostitutes to watch them pee... and supposedly there are videos.  There's an hypothesis out there implying the Russians are behind this controversial dossier that an British ex-spy has put together in order to further destabilize the American government.  That wouldn't surprise me.  Vox has an interesting take on DT's long history of almost amorous attraction to Russia, so those allegations might be true.  And he has married Slovakian models twice, the last of which might have had a bit of a private practice on the side, if you read the gossip papers.  And he does like the color yellow, or yellow orange (too much milk in the diet?).  As if things weren't Karma-lizing for Team T, Fox News defended CNN.  This is not good for DT, nor is it good for the GOP.  Of course, perhaps there's another theory we should consider, that the Republicans are actually behind this Golden Shower business.  Remember, they tried to Dump Trump and failed, and they'd rather have Pence in the White House.  What better way to piss DT out of the picture?

You bet they are!
Honestly, DT's approval rating is one of the lowest ever recorded for an incoming president, which me this can only be bad news.  And it will get worse.  He's not only a dirty old man, he's clueless.  The Republicans will accomplish little of their agenda.  In fact, I do not doubt there are already many in the party truly wishing that Hillary had won.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump's bad Karma

Well, it looks like the Honeymoon is over.  Many News organizations (except for Fox) are beginning to cite this new Quinnipac Poll in regard to failed President Elect's popularity.  Some are calling his serious drop in ratings 'buyer's remorse.'  Me?  This is how Karma works.  Karma is not only about revenge, though many believe so, it is more concerned with fixing mistakes.  If your Karma is bad and you survive, you will become a much better person.  And Karma is a 2 sided blade:  Hillary had to lose in order for Trump to win, and Trump's Karma is so bad.  His bad Karma has encompassed and overwhelmed the bad Karma of the Republican Party and these mistakes need to be fixed.
He fooled a lot of people with his phoniness, but he's been phony for years and nobody cared.  Many though he was entertaining, a Reality TV Star infused with almost total irrelevance... and now he's our President Elect.  Now, in the morning when people are looking at themselves in the mirror while they brush their teeth, they're going to pause and mutter "oh, shit."  This is their Karma.  Our Karma will make us stronger.  Trump's Karma will...  well, get out the clown face.

He should know things are going south when his nomination for Attorney General says Trump's comments in a 2005 tape amount to 'sexual assault.'  Ooops.  And other news, whether fake or real,  which says that the Russians have enough dirt on him to blackmail him in to doing what ever they want?  Believe me, that's not even the cherry on top of the sundae.  His ratings are in a leaking submarine heading into a dive.
Will we survive as Americans?  Of course, we have broad shoulders, we have strong backs, we are not as stupid as Donald Trump.  Will he survive his Karma?  Nope.  When he won the election his Trump Train veered into a long, long tunnel... that's blocked by a landslide.  Things are only going to get darker for him.  This is his bad Karma.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Well, I'm going to have blood drawn to day at work.  Yeah, it's one of those evils that comes with my job, especially if I want that old discount on my insurance.  This means they want me to fast... for 9 hours... and drink plenty of water.....  Right.  I began going to the VA for my health care about a month ago.  They're very good.  They're cheap.  The only reason I didn't dump my work insurance is because I have a specialist or two I feel comfortable with and didn't want to change.  Dr Wabnick, from the VA, is working to get my cholesterol down, and my blood pressure.  This is how it goes.

Anyway, I'm not fasting.  I ate breakfast.  Also coffee with whole milk.  As I said, the only reason I'm going through with this is for the discount, which will knock over $600 off of my insurance payments this year.  And, of course, when they ask me if I've been fasting I'll lie.  I'll say "yeah, stick me with your little needle."  The things we do to save a buck.