I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Chores

Today is Sunday, supposedly a day of rest, but not for me.  This is my first of 3 days off - that's right, I was scheduled for a mini-vacation... right.  Think I'm going to spend the next couple of days playing video games?  Not quite.  I have chores to do... well, some of them are more than chores.  This doesn't mean I'm only going to soil my dainty fingers doing housework, nope, not in the least.  I've been slowly scraping the paint off of my kitchen walls - it's very, very old, and, as the Idiot in the White House might say if he knew anything about painting, a very huge project.  So, that's on the docket for today, and maybe tomorrow.
And speaking of the Idiot in the White House, there was an interesting article in the NYT this AM questioning whether he was going to embrace the crazies of the American Caucus the way they want, or move towards the center, maybe even work with the Democrats.... (that's right, some fool actually wrote that).  The idea is that with the crazies he's never going to get enough votes to pass anything, however by re-positioning himself to the center might get some of his agenda through both the House and the Senate.  To be honest, I started chortling after the first paragraph.  Right, like the Idiot in the White House is going to disenfranchise himself from every thing he loves, abandon his ego and his sycophant advisers.  Anyway, it was a funny article.
In the mean time, it's time for me to use the vacuum to suck the dirt out of the living room rug.

This is not me, both of my vacuums are canisters
And then later this afternoon I'll sit down and play video games, Mass Effect Andromeda, and, of course, I'm playing as a hottie again.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Anti-Hero of the Hour - American Freedom Caucus

So, Trumpcare failed.  I was expecting there to be a Twitter overload around 3 AM, and there wasn't...  Cynical me says they new the ultimate outcome on Thursday and delayed the actual announcement until Friday to keep the stock market from going into a death spiral.  And the reason there was no Twitter Storm?  The Idiot in the White House did what he's always done in the face of losing battle:  he walked away.  That's right, in his mind he filed it under legislative bankruptcy and it has joined the other bankruptcies of his past, in a dirty closet.  And the Anti-Heroes of the hour were not some fine, upstanding congressmen who realized what a disaster this legislation was, rather a group of self-centered, ultra conservatives were the ones who gave the Idiot a one finger salute.  You see the legislation, as it stood, didn't go far enough.  People... human beings with pre-existing conditions were still going to be covered, and prenatal care, among other things.  These conservatives hate that their tax money is going to be spent for these things.  You see, the American Freedom Caucus is really, really greedy.  If you think Golum had a thing for the Ring, you should try and get between members of the American Freedom Caucus and their money.
In fact, this group has become the Achilles tendon of the the GOP, they will hobble every piece of legislation that doesn't kiss their greedy, social conservative asses.  That's right, these are the people who totally hate Planned Parenthood among a litany of other things.  They are uncontrollable.

And if the Idiot in the White House wants to push any legislation through Congress, he's going to need to bend to their will... or else get remove them from power.  In fact, if the GOP had any intelligence (which doesn't seem likely) they should have already started working with possible candidates who are less... strident in their political beliefs.  Of course we know that ain't going to ever happen.  The Republicans are too desperate for their votes in order to stay in power.
So, for right now, the American Freedom Caucus members are Anti-heroes.  Isn't it nice to know that they might actually be good for something?

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Ultimatum

For those who don't know, the Idiot in the White House has issued an Ultimatum, sign the shitty legislation which most people will call Trumpcare, or else it's a dead subject.  I find this almost hysterical.  The "Do Nothing" party is being told to do something.  The problems with this are multi-fold.  For some the bill doesn't go far enough, some know think it goes to far, others realize that if they cave now they will lose all credibility as a governing body. And, I suspect, most of them know the end result of passing this legislation will allow the Idiot in the White House  to say that "he" ended Obamacare.  In fact, that is the only reason he's given his Ultimatum.  He doesn't care about the American People, about Health Care, about insurance and insurance coverage.  All he's interested in is feeding his ego.  The "Do Nothing" party created this monster with their years of hate mongering and now he's sticking them with their only little knives.
This is a minority party that consistently proves it should never be in a leadership position, have leadership responsibilities simply because they have no idea how to hold themselves accountable.

They like to call themselves the party of Lincoln, but honest Abe would never shit on the American People the way this "Do Nothing" party does.  This party has declared war on main stream America, attacking anything and everything and anyone who objects, who wants to clarify and make these haters more transparent.  And the Idiot in the White House has given this bunch of greedy hucksters an Ultimatum; he wants to be Hukster in Chief.  So, will they cave, or will the stand their ground?  This is the GOP failing in a very, very public way.  Good for them.  Let them eat turd cakes for a while.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

So, will his head explode?

He being the Idiot in the White House.  You see, sometime today the House of Representatives is going to vote on the legislation that will repeal and replace the ACA.  They're doing it today because the Idiot made a campaign pledge to his Trumplodite hoards.  Just about everybody, including some of those voting, has pretty much said this bill is a legislative cluster f**kover for the American people.  Of course, the Idiot in the White House doesn't care about the American People.  He doesn't care about their opinions, or what they want, or what they feel they need.  Neither do a lot of Republicans.  The idea that some of their tax money might be helping someone pay for health care makes their blood boil.  We're talking about THEIR tax money, those cheap sacks of shit.
Unfortunately for some, their own political careers are at stake.  Constituents over and over again, all over the country, have been telling their representatives how much they hate this legislation.  The question of the hour is, will they listen to those whom they are supposed to represent, or to the Idiot in the White House, who really only wants to boast that he killed the ACA?  They also know how much he lies.
Many of those voting today were behind the Dump Trump campaign that failed.  Well, here's their chance.  Give him what he wants and probably kill their own political careers, or make his head explode.

Actually, I suspect, the better question might be:  are they going to be spineless and cave, or discover that they have actually grown a pair over night? 
And don't forget that dandy Randy Paul, who's trying to bolster his own conservative cred by cheering on the 'nay sayers.'  
In the end, it wouldn't surprise me if this kettle of worms gets pushed to one of the back burners where with the other GOP pots of shit where it can simmer for years.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My nuts

Yesterday we had our inventory.  I had to sacrifice my wonderful schedule in order to be at the store bright and early.  I was one of 4 assigned to do administrative tasks - Interim SKU's.  I got to go out after the counters had done their jobs and just verify that the SKU's they had counted were the actual ones in the boxes, and bays, and bins.  Sounds fun, right?  Wrong.  You see we can spend hours decontaminating a bay (yes we call it that), making sure everything is where it's supposed to be, and a customer and and shoot that organization to hell with just a stroll down the aisle.  They pick things up, they set things down, rarely from where they picked them up.  And the counters pick up the top item in the box, or bin and scan that to do their count, and if they scan the wrong item?  Well, that was my job, verifying SKU's.
Most of the reports were small, two pages, maybe three, except for one that was really thick.  Twenty-one pages thick.  And, of course, the other 3 people checking SKU's were avoiding that report so I took it.  You guessed it, I ended up with nuts and bolts;  three entire bays of nuts and bolts, mostly nuts.  Oh, yeah, there were a couple of lock washers thrown into the mix, but over all I spent a good deal of time playing with what I started calling "my nuts."  You see, every bolt can have at least 3 nuts, and I'm not including the shiny stainless steel nuts because they hang around with their own bolts.
This meant I had to spend a lot of time down on my knees because for some odd reason, we merchandise our nuts low to the ground, which of course put a strain on my back and neck.  This is how it goes sometimes.
Yesterday's only saving grace was coming home to the dogs... and finding my copy of Andromeda waiting for me in my mail box.  While it loaded into my X-box Slim, I took a nap - it's a big, big game.

Anyway, this will be my last working inventory, the only reason I had to do reports was because they foolishly scheduled a couple of managers to go to a school.  Next year that shouldn't be a problem.  

Monday, March 20, 2017

Crazy Christian Mom boycott fails

This is what happens when a minority mind set is only popular among a minority; when a majority mind set rolls their eyes and says "Get over it."  What am I talking about?  "Beauty and the Beast" broke Box Office records this past weekend.  The terribly funny thing about this is that these people don't understand their failure.  I learned this when a bunch of Crazy Conservatives decided to boycott the Oscars.  An old Navy friend of mine said he was going to boycott this past February's ceremony.  When I asked if he ever watched them, he said "no."  So I explained that unless the boycott has an effect, it's useless, a failure, a waste of time.  And he said, "no it isn't, I'm part of a boycott."  Those Crazy Christian Moms are part of the same mentality.  Succeeding isn't important, just as long as your are a part of the protest.
Now, I firmly believe in standing up for you principles, making sure your voice is loud and clear in regards to your beliefs.  However, these protests by these varied Crazy Christian groups consistently fail to change anything.  No one is jumping on their band wagon, in fact, no one is really paying too much attention to their parade... except for they, themselves.  And they pat themselves on the back, congratulating themselves for standing up for their narrow definition of virtue.  They do not understand America, and the world is passing them by, not that they care.  They prefer to stumble around in their maze of illusion rather than glimpse a glimmer of truth.

Hard hearted people they are.  A group who will end up dying off because their hammer their beliefs into a solid, steel door used to lock out real compassion.  They will never understand, but will still congratulate themselves for their faulty attempt.  Change is beyond their comprehension.  Does the majority really care?  Nope.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

"I'm having my nails done at 9"

When I managed the paint department, most of the customers I dealt with were nice, some were assholes.  The same is true as a Specialist, though these assholes tend to be more pretentious.  Take the couple I sold carpet to yesterday.  She is an RN, I know this because RN is part of her email address.  He appears to be some sort of businessman.  He had his hair in a brush cut and dyed a pale blonde in order to hide the gray (with highlights of Trump orange, if you know what I mean).  I didn't really sell them carpet as much as he decided to "do this."
As part of the process of setting up the measure, I needed to gather certain information about their house: the room, approximate size, current flooring, subfloor, year the house was built, are there condo rules?  That sort of info.  Every time I asked a question he gave me one of those "you should already know this information" looks, definitely trying to make sure I knew just how low I was in this whole process. And, of course, they were both pretentious as hell.  When they were choosing the date for the measure, she had to check her calendar... she actually said about one particular date "well, I'm having my nails done at 9, but that only takes an hour so I should be home."  And the date was 2 weeks out.

When it came to paying for the measure, she asked if we had the chip reader and then, after I told her yes, inserted her card in upside down.  This lead to a private conversation between the two of them.  I say private because I was totally excluded.  And it was really weird.  I mean really.  It was almost as if I had suddenly disappeared off of the face of the planet.  I did say something... and I was totally ignored.  
They were so caught in their own specialness nothing else really mattered.  People like this make America bad.  Unless they know you from the Country Club, you're an inferior. They're going to spend over $2000 to carpet their family room.  I don't mind taking their money.  Early in the conversation, when I was telling them about our free install, I said that their total purchase needed to be over $699.  His comment to me was, "it will be much more than that."  Impress me?  Not in the least.