I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bitter Fruit

Sunday Morning!
This is the first of 3 days off in a row for me.  I am so happy.  I have so much planned, mostly chores.  And some painting.  I want to redo the trim and floor in the training room.  Yes, I'm going to paint the floor: 113 years have not been kind to them.  The ground (first) floor is in much better shape, which seem a bit paradoxical since most of the living takes place on that level.  Upstairs is mostly for sleeping, at least until I moved bought the place.  Yet the 2nd floor is the one where boards have been replaced in 2 of the rooms.  There are deep gouges in the hallway and in the training room.  As a result, they were not refinished... just painted.
I was going to take my syn out, but the humidity is hovering around 80% and thunderstorms are in the forecast.  Tomorrow, too.  And Tuesday.  So far this summer has been much more hot and humid than the past several, with temps hovering in the upper 80's to mid 90's most of the days.  When it's this hot, I'm satisfied to do miles on the trainer.  I can do 15 miles, sweat buckets in air conditioned comfort.
And this week the Idiot Jerk in the White House will have his dream fulfilled... he will get a private meeting with his beloved Vlad.  Expect the worst from him.  After his tete-a-tete  with Kim Jon Dumb we got the revelation of Zero Tolerance.  That was the Idiot Jerk trying to show Kimmy he was a 'strong leader.'  Their meeting worked out quite handily for Kimmy.  The same thing will happen with Vlad.  The Idiot Jerk is so desperate for Vlad to say "you're doing a good job," he will do and promise anything.  Vlad will take advantage of him because he knows he's dealing with a man who has the intelligence of a kumquat.  That's a small, bitter citrus fruit in case you're wondering.

To add a bit of levity, it seems as though the RNC has approached Charlotte to host their 2020 convention.  A number of the good folks on the Charlotte city council are liberal, or centrists, and not so wild about the idea.  The Idiot Jerk wants them to hold the convention in Las Vegas, aka "Sin City."  He's not too wild about Charlotte.  Maybe he thinks the pussy's better in Vegas... or maybe he still believes that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Rats in a Cage

Well, it's Saturday.  I had thought of taking the day off since I'm not scheduled to work for the next 3 days, but no, I'll be good and go to work.
Adjusting to the new schedule is... odd.  I'm a morning person.  I like to get all of my household chores done before I go to work.  When I get home from work, the last thing I want to have to do is laundry, or mow the lawn, or vacuum.  I do most of my writing in the morning, unless I have off, then I'll sit down at the computer around 2 ish.  In an attempt to coordinate what I want to get done in the time I have, the dogs have chosen to set my alarm for 0430.  This seems, so far, to suit us all.  There are a number of positives to being an early riser.
And, in case anybody missed it, the Justice department handed out a couple of indictments yesterday... to Russians... in their version of the Secret Service.  If you haven't read any of the documentation, you should.  It's a real delight!  I did have to give a hearty 'ho ho ho' when I read how the Russkies started hacking the DNC within a few hours after the Idiot Jerk in the White House asked for their assistance publicly... in a speech.  GOP bowels are still erupting.  Great splatters of shit are now marking their precise locations at the very moment they heard about these indictments.  Many of them synchronized their watches as they realized the "impeachment clock" sped up its countdown.  There will be a concerted rush as they try and force as much of their conservative agenda down the gullet of America while they still have time.  If you want to know how a rat in a cage feels, just ask one of them.

Mitch McConnell hears of the indictments (hidden camera)
Finally, the Idiot Jerk evidently made another faux pas - literally.  I understand that when reviewing the guard with the Queen, he walked in front of her....  Wrong, but then to let her lead the way would have just been common courtesy... and when has this asswipe ever been considerate?

Friday, July 13, 2018

Ye, gods!

I went to see "Ant Man and the Wasp" last evening.  Paul Rudd, you know?  I liked it, a lot.  Paul Rudd, you know?  There is a villain..ess, but not in the normal definition of villain.  Mostly there were people interacting with situations they don't quite understand.  There are recurring themes, like magic, which repeat as variations.  I always enjoy that, and have always had immense regard for a writer who pulls it off.  I say this because Paul Rudd is also given writing credit, and the guy is funny, and creative.  How nice to see a middle-aged hero who has a heart.

And the Idiot Jerk in the White House is sowing his seeds of disruption in the UK, in case you didn't hear.  If he has zero tolerance when it comes to taking children from their parents, do you really think he's going to care about what the Brits do?  He wants an abrupt Brexit.  He wants England to take a dull ax and use it to chop away chop away all ties to the EU.  He hates the EU.  But then, he hates so much.  He wants respect but then does nothing to earn it.  He thinks you owe it to him.  What a scumbag.
I saw this AM that Mnunchin, another greed bag if there ever was one, has said "talks with China" over tariffs have broken down.  And Paul Ryan has come out saying these tariffs are "bad for the economy."  Get ready folks, this is going to get worse.  The best thing to do is cash in your chips now and just wait it out.  When the dust clears there will be no more Idiot Jerk.  The GOP / Republican Part will be nothing more than tattered shit paper blowing in the breeze.  I say that because I saw a blurb in the WSJ where they were talking about how the Idiot Jerk's tariffs were destroying the GOP. 
And finally, I had a weird dream.  I was waking up the gods... and I had just finished talking to number 13 when the dogs woke me up.  There are only 12 Olympian gods.  I've no idea where #13 came from.  Nor do I have any idea why I was the one waking them up.  Interestingly enough, after I had roused them from their sleep, I hid them so know one would know they were awake.  The were waiting for something.  Curious.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Behind the woodshed

Well, it's Thursday and my mid-week day off.  I'll work on Friday and Saturday but then I'm going o have off for 3 days.  This is not a bad schedule.
The torque wrench I had ordered was waiting for me when I got home yesterday.  After reading the days blogs, I to take off the old crank and put on the new.  Holy Shit!  It took about 3 minutes.  Easy Peasy.  The wrench is magnificent.  You have no idea who great it felt holding that great tool in my hand.  Simply wonderful.  And so easy to use after putting so much effort trying to wrench that crank old crank free.  I'm ready to torque everything now!
Graysonview has called me on both Tuesday and yesterday morning to tell me they found my Mom laying on the floor.  On Monday they said they didn't know if she had fallen, or whether she had just decided to lay down.  With yesterday's call they were fairly certain that she's just laying down.  She doesn't remember, so there's no explanation why she's doing this.
I have myself set up to when I turn my computer on in the morning, all these news flashes line up on the bottom right side.  Some of them are interesting headlines, others?  not so much.  This AM I had a flash for a Faux News posting on Youtube.  I did not click and watch the video ince the blurb said everything I needed to know.  Evidently some banana head at Faux News was saying that the UK was going to have to pay terribly for treating the Idiot Jerk so badly.  I guess maybe they were upset about the baby blimp  Or maybe it was all the protesters.  Anyway, I had to laugh.  These people don't understand Nationalism can only go so far, and then it turns into fascism.  They want to be the power hungry, ugly Americans.  We need to teach them a painful lesson.  Take them out behind the wood shed, so to speak, and thrash the living daylights out of them.

Most don't understand that conservatives need to control all aspects of your behavior.  If they can't force you into their tiny niche mentality, you will be outlawed and punished accordingly.  They need to be taught that they are wrong.  Grab your switches, it's time to start swinging. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Today is the 2nd day of my new schedule: 0800 - 1630.  When I got home from work yesterday I was a bit tired and lounged on the recliner for about a half an hour.  Adaptation is the key.  For years, and years, and years I worked this shift so I don't think the change back will be too difficult.  A friend of mine said it should take about 2 - 3 weeks.  I don't think I'll need nearly that much time.
The new torque wrench arrives today.  I'm stoked.  Since this is the first time I've every removed a crank, I've watched a number of videos.  Most of them fail, not in their basic instruction, but rather in their omission of how much torque has been used to tighten that crank.  Except for one guy, every video started out with the instructor saying "this crank has already been loosened."  Getting the crank loose is the most difficult part of the procedure.  None of them want to show how much they had to struggle... except for one guy who said "getting that loose is a real bitch."  They don't talk about leverage.  Nope. Leverage is very important.  A friend of mine at work told me he puts a pipe over the wrench to get even more leverage.  Using leverage is a good piece of advice.
Levers are every where.  We use them daily, mostly without thinking about it.  They can be simple, or complex.  Levers are how we get things done.

Not using a lever is how we fail to accomplish out goals.  That's what happened in November of 2016.  A majority stayed home while a minority went to the polls and used their levers.  Woah!  Now we have an Idiot Jerk in the White House.  He is not about change, he is about disruption.  He creates chaos so a few might gain financially.  Who wants to be a dictator?  He wants to be a dictator.  He understands nothing. 
This coming November we need to use the lever our Constitution has given us to move this pile of shit out of the White House.  And those who support him?  They also need to go.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ratchet This

Well, you know what they say about the best made plans?  Yesterday I was going to remove the damaged crank and replace it with the new crank?  Well, not so fast there buddy.  Unfortunately, I need a torque wrench, something I don't have.  I have allen wrenches, and ratchet sets, but no torque wrench, and it takes about 35 lbs of torque to loosen the crank.  This is nearly impossible with a little allen wrench.  Rather than jump in my car and drive to Pep Boys, I chose to order it from Amazon with the arrival date set for Thursday.  I'm off Thursday, so that works for me.  Hopefully the crank will come off after I get a little more leverage.

Oh, and case you didn't hear, the Idiot Jerk in the White House has nominated some dude named Brett as a Supreme Court Justice.  He's a deregulatory conservative, meaning he voted against Net Neutrality and the Consumer Protection Agency. fiscal conservatives love that shit.  He has, however, voted for Obamacare twice, fiscal conservatives hate that shit.  More of a constitutional conservative rather than a social conservative which is something a many in America might appreciate.  However, none of these are the reason he was nominated.  Nope.  The Idiot Jerk likes him because of something he said in 2009.  Years earlier, Brett had been involved in the Ken Starr investigations of Bill and helped work for that stinky impeachment.  In 2009 he started singing a different song.  Now he believes that a sitting president should not be indicted....  And we have a sitting turd in the White House who is scared shitless he's going to be indicted for a vast assortment of crimes.  That, my friends, is the reason Brett got his nomination.  Self preservation and selfishness on the part of the Idiot Jerk are the reasons Brett will go through the confirmation process.  The Idiot Jerk is terrified the Mueller probe will ratchet into high gear.  He doesn't want to go to jail.  The truth is Brett might be just as much of a Centrist as his predecessor.   Do you think the Idiot Cares about that?  Hell no, the only thing he's worried about is his own fat ass.
Today is also my first day on the new shift.... Sweet Lord, I got my ass out of bad at 0430.

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Sooner the Better

Well, here it is Monday and I don't have to work.  There are people who like having their days off split - not me.  I like sequential days off; 2 in a row is great, 3 is greater.  This week is not going to be enjoyable for me.
There are a number of items on the "to do" list for today.  We shall see how productive the day ends up being.  I do want to get the lawn mowed.  The electric mower works well.  It's quiet.  I mowed half of my front yard on Saturday.
I saw where a 7th wrestler has now come forward accusing Jim Jordan of ignoring the sexual abuse.  Holy Crap, sounds  shades of Dennis Hastert, doesn't it?  What is it with Conservatives and wrestlers?
And I see the Idiot Jerk in the White House is set to announce his choice for the Supreme Court.  The Social Conservatives are clamoring for some woman he, himself appointed to a judgeship.  Of course we know he doesn't care about experience.  Of course, giving them what they want will just increase the size of the blue wave this fall.  Does he or anybody in his inner circle understand that?  Absolutely not.  The wrong choice will lead to an ugly fight in the Senate and will further divide country. 
Right now I suspect he's obsessing over whether he should wear the blue polo shirt, or the blue turtleneck, for his meeting with Vlad.  You know he wants to make a good impression before he sells his soul to the Russkies.
Sometime this morning, I'm going to change out the crank on my bike.  This means I'll have a spare, but somewhat useless, crank on my hands.  I'd sort of like to compare it to the Idiot Jerk in the White House but can't, he's worse than useless.  Dictatorships always favor minority groups.  Favoring the few and pissing off the many never works.  The price always gets paid.  I will probably save my crank and someday rethread it.  The Idiot Jerk?  After mid-terms he'll probably go into exile.  The sooner the better.